Dating Do’s and Don’t From A Female Perspective

Dating Do’s and Don’t From A Female Perspective

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Never have I ever had a bad date… *DRINK* We’ve all been there and had the experience of a bad date but it’s what we learn from them that helps us find Mr or Mrs Right.

Saying this, I’ve experienced the good side from the guys I’ve dated however my friends seem to have faced a few that have just not made the cut. From rambling on about ex-girlfriends to obsessively staring (lookup, please); so I’ve asked around to find out what works and what doesn’t work for when you’re out on your next date.

The destination says a lot about a date –

There are so many great places you could go on a date, it all depends on who you’re going on a date with. If you know they’re a fun and lively person choose to do something more active like Go Ape or Go Karting, that way you will have plenty to laugh about to take the awkward tension of a first date away. Or if you’re still a little unsure about their interests then find a cute idyllic coffee shop or bar where you can sit down, relax and get to know each other a little more.

Go in with an open mind –

You’ll find it extremely hard to find the love of your life if you’re going in with a checklist, so it’s important to go in with an open mind and try to discover new things that you like about the person opposite you. You never know who you’ll end up falling for so don’t cut ties because ‘they’re blonde and you usually go for brunettes’.

Keep an eye on your ego –

Be confident enough to express yourself through your sense of style and your humour, but if you realise you’ve been the only one talking for awhile it might be a nice idea to pass the torch to your date. It’s nice to be able to meet someone who knows nothing about you so you can start fresh and be who you want to be without past judgement.

Be inquisitive.

Showing interest is a big thumbs up in the dating world,  it shows that you care and are intrigued to know more.  ‘What interests do you have’ or ‘do you like to travel?’ are good questions to start with If your date is going really well, you’re laughing and joking then you can be a little more cheeky with your questions, an innocent flirt can help keep your date on track. Don’t ask about Brexit.

Try to make a good first impression –

The best and easiest way around this is to dress appropriately for your date. If you’re going out for dinner you’re going to want to look smart but if you’re going hiking you obviously want to wear more appropriate attire. However, a fresh trim and a dash of aftershave will defiantly give you step in the right direction. Just remember, they’re not the be all end all so don’t panic if you slip up once or twice with what you say.

Enjoy it but don’t get drunk –

Alcohol is always good on first dates to take the edge off and calm a few nerves but it should definitely not be abused which can only lead to an awkward end and no second date. Although if you’re both drinking and having a good time then an extra few drinks won’t hurt, as long as you’re not necking them and leaving your date to play catch up.

The inevitable ex’s –

On the majority of dates my friends and I have been on the question of ex’s pops up, ‘why did you split from your ex?’. The key to this is no matter what went on in the past, the answer is ‘we just grew apart’ as this will show that you’re humble it doesn’t make it sound like you were the problem, even if you were! Your best bet afterwards is to divert the topic of conversation to something else.


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