How to Get Rid of a Hangover

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It's the million dollar question, a hangover is always the unwanted relative from that amazing night out, the come down to Earth bang that you’d rather never meet!

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I hate to blow my own trumpet but I’m pretty well versed in the art of minimising a hangover's ability to ruin the morning after the night before! Having spent a vast amount of my life working at music festivals around the UK, drinking becomes somewhat habitual and getting up the next day to work for 16hrs becomes essential!

Is Cheese the Hangover Cure?

I run The Cheese Truck, an event catering and street food business based in London. We make and sell the very best grilled cheese sandwiches! We set out with the intention of promoting great British cheeses and serve them melted, gooey and straight up cheesy from our vintage Bedford ice cream van at markets, festivals and events all around the UK. If you're in anyway cheese inclined, you’ll want to check us out.


how to get rid of hangover
PHOTO CREDIT: The Cheese Truck


So onto what I consider to be one of the best hangover remedies. I think without doubt the best way to deal with that morning after feeling is to eat and drink your way out of it. The greasy indulgent first bite to eat on a hangover morning is what can make the difference between a good start to recovery and a sharp crash back down!

It goes without saying that I’m somewhat of a cheese fiend. I’m always in our van at an event and it’s always a grilled cheese sandwich that sorts me out. The gooier, cheesier and bigger the better! I can’t think of a better way to rid yourself of a hangover and get onto a much better day then with a grilled cheese and a Bloody Mary!

Here’s a grilled cheese recipe that’s a go to hangover cure for the hungover crowd on our van.

Queso Chiuhuahua Cheese, Chorizo and Rocket Grilled Cheese


how to get rid of hangover symptoms
The Cheese cure


You'll Need:

2 slices of sourdough

2 x cooking chorizo

120g x Queso Chihuahua cheese – We use one made by Gringa Dairy in Peckham.

20g of rocket



How to Cook:

Firstly cook off the chorizo in a small pan, this will take about 20minutes then set aside.

Next you want to melt some butter and generously brush the outside of both slices of bread with it.

Now assemble the sandwich by slicing the chorizo in half long ways, slicing the queso Chihuahua and layering them up, finish by adding the rocket and a good sprinkle of tabasco.

The best way to cook a grilled cheese at home is in a skillet or a heavy based frying pan. You want to cook it low and slow to unsure you get the best crispy crunch on the outside and the cheese melts perfectly.

Place the sandwich buttered side down in a skillet or pan on a low to medium heat, keep applying pressure or weight to top of the sandwich while its cooking this squishes all the filling together helping the cheese to melt. After about 4 minutes flip the sandwich and cook on the other side.

When both sides are golden brown and the cheese is oozing out you're done! Now enjoy and rid yourself of that unwanted hangover!


hangover cure how to cure a hangover hangover symptoms hangover remedies how to get rid
PHOTO CREDIT: The Cheese Truck



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