Cornerstone Shaving Subscription Review

Shaving every day can be a hassle, particularly if you haven't got round to buying new razor blades. That's where Cornerstone come in, they are a UK based shaving subscription service that will send all the shaving goods you need directly to your door.  So when we were asked to review their subscription service, everyone in the office stepped forward! In the end, the task fell to The Idle Man's Studio Manager Jake, and here's what he had to say...

The Box

The first thing I have to say is who wouldn't want a razor with their initials engraved on it!? All you need to do is refer a friend and you'll get your own personalised handle. It really is a great touch, and the razor itself looks incredibly smart as well. I also received a month supply of face scrub, shaving gel and post-shave balm, all of these products were elegantly packed and I couldn't wait to try them.

The Shave

I'm typically clean shaven, so ideally the Cornerstone razor would give me the closest shave possible. I wasn't disappointed. To kick things off, I applied the face scrub and definitely found my face feeling cleaner and absorbing the shaving gel with ease. The shaving gel worked a treat, before I'd even blinked it was all rubbed in and ready to shave. The razor was as light as a feather, I was shocked at first and it took some time to get used to but once I did I really appreciated it. I was able to apply minimal pressure and let the razors do the work. This all made for an incredibly close shave without any fuss.

The Verdict

The quality of the Cornerstone products was unreal, as was the packaging. After my shave, my skin was left feeling fresh and much more rejuvenated than it would if I were just using a Gillette or Wilkinson. You can get this upgrade without having to leave your front door with Cornerstone, and you'll also be well supplied with products to last you until your next delivery.

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