Conducta: The Moment I Knew

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It can be a track, gig, a piece of art, or absolutely anything. We’re taking a look at the moments when artists realised they were going to dedicate their lives to music. 

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Bristol-raised producer Conducta is part of an exciting new generation of UK Garage. He tells us about his main influences and opening for his UKG heroes. Conducta will be playing on Sunday 28th of May at Bristol's Love Saves the Day festival. You can check out the rest of the lineup and get tickets here. Read on to find out all about the defining moments that sparked his love for music. This is Conducta’s moment.

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The young Bristolian tells us that the first moment he realised music was going to be his thing was when growing up with his cousins. "The 3 of us formed a group together making music. Two of us were producers whilst the other MC'd. The first full track we made was supported by Mistajam on 1Xtra and at that point, we couldn’t believe it".

"Being 15-16 at the time we weren't quite sure of how we'd got onto national radio. I remember my sister pushing me to get off the computer before getting loads of messages from friends on Facebook. At this point, I knew that if we could get played on 1Xtra with limited resources we had, there was so much more I could do".


"A pivotal club night moment was when I'd just moved to London at 19 and I was in a lineup with all garage artists I grew up listening to. Groove Chronicles, Zed Bias, Mike Ruff Cutt Lloyd, Steve Gurley and Matt Jam Lamont were on the bill and I was opening the night at Brixton Jamm. It was my first set over an hour and I was anxious not to disappoint. My set went well then me and my friend witnessed one of the best vinyl sets with Noodles going b2b Zed Bias. It was nice to see how much of an impact UK Garage had in UK club culture".

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Throughout the late 90s and early 2000s, we've experienced what is arguably the golden age of R&B and hip-hop. These are musical references Conducta not only is aware of but also fond of and he's able to bring that nuance to his own productions. It's not surprising that he equally gained support from old and new generations of UKG legends such as DJ EZ and MJ Cole, Grime artists and fans of the genres alike.

"I thought that experiences like that were a thing of the past but it was as if a time machine took us back to a Garage Nation / La Cosa Nostra rave of the late 90s. The night made me realise the levels and depths of UK Garage and also what it takes not to just be a DJ but a selector also. The whole experience really influenced my sound as I could hear so many things I could do with Garage to give it a modern twist".

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Author: Claudia Manca


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