Coasts - Exclusive Interview and Photo Shoot

We catch up with Coasts band to chat about their tour, new album and take some shots of their headline gig at The Roundhouse, Camden, where we kitted them out in our SS16 Collection.

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As you've probably noticed, we love a decent bit of music at Idle HQ and one band we've been following very carefully over the last two years or so is Coasts. After forming way back in 2011, the Bristol-based lads are a great example of a band starting from nothing, plugging away, playing any shows they can and making music purely for the love it. They're now in the very fortunate position of doing what they love for a living.

After their single 'A Rush of Blood' was name Zane Lowe's hottest record of the week way back in October of 2014, the band have enjoyed a huge rise in popularity, building a solid and loyal fan base all over the globe. Now as their new album, entitled Coasts, has enjoyed highs of #3 in the charts and a full European and American tour now underway, the guys are one of the most highly regarded bands coming out of the UK.

So, why all this chat of Coasts? Well, to kick off their slew of shows around the world this spring, the guys had a headline slot at the historic institution of The Roundhouse in Camden. And to make sure the guys were looking their best for the set, we invited them into Idle HQ to browse our very own spring/summer 16 collection and take whatever they liked the look of - we're nice like that.

I also grabbed ten minutes of the lead singer, Chris', and drummer, Ben's, time to chat about the LP, their upcoming tour, what life is like when you're travelling the globe and what they picked out from our collection. We've got some exclusive snaps from the show itself and a teaser video of what's to come. So, let's jump into it.

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Coasts Band
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Before we get into it, could you let us in on how you got together in the beginning?

Ben: I met Chris while I was working at Wagamama, I kind of new the bass player from a few parties we'd been to but didn't realise he was part of this band. Then when we were on a really boring shift Chris said, "we've got this band and the drummer's not really working out, do you wanna come down for a session?" I was like, "yeah definitely!" A week went by and we booked a studio and I just played as best as I could but there was an instant chemistry between us all and it just worked so naturally. The rest is history!

The album's out, climbing all the way up to number three, how long have you been working on it?

Ben: It's been an ongoing project. We've actually recorded it three or four times with different producers as they've become available. We went back and continued to work on it a number of times to get it right. A lot of the songs on there are tunes we've had for a while and have just been polishing up and improving in certain ways. It's lovely to finally see them on an album though.

coasts band photoshoot
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Is there any deliberate narrative to the album at all? Favourite tracks?

Ben: Yeah, loosely, it's about the journey we've been on as a band up to this point, over the four years. We've had different members come and go and through that time there's been some real highs and real lows - van breaking down, rear axle falling off, stuck on the motorway and stuff like that. But it's been a brilliant journey.

I really like the most recent one, 'You', personally. It's a little more punky in its speed and the vibe is a bit more rocky, it goes down really well live as well. And the drums are wicked on that track ;).

You're playing The Roundhouse in Camden on the weekend, looking forward to it? Favourite venues you've played over the years?

Chris: Can't wait man, it's gonna be an epic night. We played the John Peel Stage at Glastonbury, I grew up in the area so it was kind of like a homecoming and a special set to play. Headline wise, Shepherds Bush was incredible, it's a beautiful venue.

Ben: Yeah I can't wait, so excited. I've never played there before, it's such an iconic and famous venue so can't wait.

You're gonna be kitted out in The Idle Man's SS16 range, what have you picked out?

Chris: I went the tan suede Western jacket, trying to add a bit of colour into my life! Stepping away from the monochrome. I usually stick to my leather jacket but Ben took that one! But it's a really nice fit and high quality suede so I'm really happy with it - might get a little hot on stage after a while though!

Ben: I really liked the organic T-shirts, they're awesome, the fit's really nice, the biker jacket is great as well, it's heavy leather but doesn't feel too chunky when you're actually wearing it, it fits beautifully across the back - I'd recommend it to anyone!

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How would you describe your style?

Ben: I guess we're pretty minimal. I like the whole Scandinavian thing that's going on and the whole band are going for that monochrome look as well at the moment. Slightly baggier carrot fit-style trousers, moving away from skinny jeans - making that bold move that few have dared to make haha. The rest of the boys are still skinny jeans advocates but I like the looser fits.

What dates are you looking forward to the most on your upcoming tour? Where can we catch you playing?

Chris: We absolutely love playing places like Germany, like Hamburg, it's always great going back to those places. We have fans that we recognise turning up to the shows time and time again which is amazing. In America there's loads of places, we're playing some pretty awesome venues around New York especially.

Ben: We're not playing the UK until later in the year, around summer at festivals and stuff like that. We're playing lots of shows around Europe and the States in March so you can see us in Holland, Germany, Italy, France and then the States will be April and May, then we'll be back!

We're gonna be playing some UK festivals too, quite a few it's looking like, I'm afraid we can't quite reveal details yet until it's completely confirmed but there's some really exciting stuff in the pipeline so keep those eyes peeled!

coasts band roundhouse
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With your tour just around the corner we thought we'd ask a few questions about what life's like when you're travelling the globe. So what can be found in your tour bag?

Chris: A laptop, we always watch series, we went through the whole of The Sopranos last time we were on tour. We also write on tour so it's a big must. Other than that, it depends where we are, if it's warm, your trunks so you can go swimming and you always need a wash bag!

What can't you be without when touring?

Chris: That's a tough one. My leather jacket, I wear it a lot, it's a staple of my bag and style really.

What do you tend to listen to?

Chris: We listen to a lot of hip hop, just because it's good vibe music. We'll play it a lot before we go onstage, put on a Joey Badass record to get us pumped up.

Coasts Band

Best in-flight snack?

Chris: Nuts, without a doubt. In the back-end of America Subway is everywhere so you can't get away from that!

Best in-flight movie or series?

Chris: For me it's Game of Thrones. I got into it super late, only last April, so I binged it big time.

Any touring nightmares over the years?

Chris: We've had so many man. Before we were Coasts we were in a band and we were driving back from London and our van broke down in the middle of the motorway. We didn't have any cover on the van so it was freezing, it was the worst thing that could have happened. It got to a point where we were quite literally debating packing it all in, thankfully we persevered!

Coasts Band

What's a typical day like when you're on the road?

Chris: A lot of sitting around to be honest. It's great when you're in new cities you've never been before and meeting people from all around the world, it's awesome, but there's a lot of waiting around when you get to the venue. There's usually about two or three hours where the crew are setting up and you have nothing to do. You have about a mile radius around the venue where you're allowed to go and most of the time it's in the middle of no where. It can be a great time to write though.

Best thing about touring?

Chris: Just playing live shows. It's without a doubt the best thing about being in a band - playing to an audience, there's no better thrill.

And the worse thing?

Both: Probably the waiting around!

Chris: It can get pretty boring and tedious especially after you've spent hours on a tour bus.

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