Clip N Climb Review

Clip N Climb Review

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The internet is a mind field of fitness trends and advice alongside a myriad of nutritional advice to help keep us on our toes when it comes to staying in shape but one of the growing forms of exercise we’ve been seeing more and more of is climbing.

Climbing is typically against a backdrop of bouldering or a variation of a form of rope climbing however Clip N Climb in Nottingham has taken a new approach to climbing creating a new unique way of joining in on the sport.

Upon arrival, we got our first glance straight away from the climbing walls on offer and were quickly helped into harnesses. Once we had gotten changed into gear, we were kindly shown the ropes, quite literally, by Ben and a couple of other team members who assisted in between helping the other climbers.

The walls are colour graded with green being easy so ideal for beginners, orange a more intermediate level and red being the hardest. The red walls included such features as spinning climbing grips and one which required you to use wooden pegs to slot into the hand and footholds as you travel upwards which was perfect for the more experienced climber in our ranks to attempt.

The green and orange walls were thankfully on the whole more stable in design but still difficult enough that you felt like you had just finished a full-body workout. We should note all walls require you to clip in and from here you can climb unassisted and the staff encourages you to safely abseil down from the top rather than climb down the way you would in standard climbing centres.

We had an hour and a half in total to experience as many climbs as possible and we did quite often repeat the same wall a few times until we had reached the top and pressed the buzzer or high five feature required when you finish the climb. Another clever addition Clip N Climb have also included are the challenges which are featured on each wall which makes suggestions of how to make the wall more difficult so you can make it a game and collect points.

On the whole, the centre was an amazing way to experience a new approach to climbing while still getting a work out in and we will certainly be making our way back there in the future. Their pricing typically starts at £12.50 a session and for hosting work or birthday parties they start at £19.00. It is also worth noting that Clip N Climb can be found in various locations around the UK so if you’re not local to Nottingham there are other facilities in Leeds, Belfast, Derby, Chelsea and Belfast to just name a few!

For the full list of centres head over here and for more details on the Nottingham facility

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