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Few festivals can bring thousands of Londoners out on a Sunday but Citadel was has something special about it. If you want a festival that combines decent sound, a chilled crowd and incredible food, Citadel has to be on your list for 2017.

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It was a busy weekend for London Festivals in July and Citadel took place on a Sunday after a long weekend of Lovebox. It can be hard to keep up the momentum but Citadel was a more relaxed Sunday compared to the madness that had come just before.

Despite it being a school night people were still keen to make the most of it and with bar queues staying pretty full throughout the day, I think people were making the most of the unusually beautiful weather. It helps that Victoria Park's a stunning location, although you do need to be prepared for a decent walk from the tube station, it's well worth it when you arrive.

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citadel 2016 review

The line up was pretty varied, catching Maribou State's killer live show was definitely a highlight. They always seem genuinely surprised at the crowd reacting so positively and it only makes them more endearing! It's fair that a band as big as Sigur Rós couldn't be anywhere but headlining, but it did feel like Caribou could have been a better fit to end the Sunday.

It's odd to think that Citadel's only in its second year, with so much on offer throughout the day you'd also expect a few more issue but the day went off without a hitch. It's not surprising considering it's run by the people that bring us Lovebox and Wilderness, two festivals that seem to do no wrong. It's easy for festivals to fall down on the simple things but when it came to everything, they got it very right. With chilled security, decent food and fast queues, it's hard to fault Citadel 2016.

citadel 2016 review line up
Citadel Brass Band

You can think of it as the perfect way to end a hectic weekend or it stands on its own with a carefully curated line up of music, talks and performance. If you're keen for next year keep an eye on their site for more information on dates and tickets.

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