Dan Roberts: Working Out Without a Gym

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We know, you want to get fit, you really do, but gym memberships are too expensive for your student budget. Well, luckily we have the same problem and have searched the UK for someone to help with the dilemma. Who did we find? No other than celebrity Personal Trainer Dan Roberts.

Now, we’re not suggesting you book a session with Dan, although, if you can afford it, you definitely should – he’s got quite a track record. Having worked all over the globe from London to Sydney and Rio de Janeiro to New York, Dan has even trained professional fighters and helped improve their game.

He’s got his own fitness DVD, ‘X Combat’, based on his time training Hollywood actors and pro fighters, has written for the national press and is even an ambassador to three national charities. He’s now Managing Director of his own company, Dan Roberts Group, and he has agreed to take the time to chat with us. Avoid those sky-high gym fees with these tips from the man himself.

1) Top 3 body weight moves with no gym

1) Alternating one legged squats

2) Decline close grip press ups

3) Pull ups. Do 5 sets of as many as you can for each.


2) Shadow boxing in front of the mirror is a fun and effective way of doing cardio and some functional movement and rotational work.

Do 4 sets of 2 min's with 30 seconds rest, If you like MMA, you can add in elbows and knees too!


3) Yoga - for most men our hips and hamstrings are tight. Hatha yoga can help. Try the Triangle pose, holding for 2 min's each leg.


4) Sprint Training - still hands down the quickest way to get fit. Try this, run for 20 seconds as fast as you can, then walk for 20 seconds. Repeat. See if you can last 8 minutes.


5) Turn off your phone, turn off the TV, put music on loud and have a plan of 6 or 7 exercises.

Just get it done! No excuses.


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