Celebrating World Hotdog Day With Dirty Bones


Ultimate American comfort food eatery, Dirty Bones in Kensington is THE place to get your dawg fix this World Hot Dog Day. A fine excuse to consume unlimited quantities of sausage and celebrate the US's fave summer snack. Dirty Bones quality Classic Yankee is the ultimate classic dog, and their twists on this humble classic; the Asian Dog and Dirty Dog, have to be tried to be believed.

Classic Yankee

The ultimate American comfort food.

1. Choose a pork or beef sausage.

2. Lay in a pillowy soft brioche bun.

3. Top with sauerkraut, spring onion, French's mustard and Heinz Tomato Ketchup.

The Asian

Great option for any veggies but equally delicious with a fat pork sausage.

1. Select your pork or veggie dog.

2. Lay in a pillowy soft brioche bun.

3. Top with pink pickled sushi ginger, wasabi mayo, kimchi ketchup, crispy seaweed, sesame seeds.

Dirty Dog

A filthy, filling option. Our fave!

Best with a chunky pork sausage.

1. Lay dog in pillowy soft brioche bun.

2. Liberally add home made pulled pork (pork shoulder brined for 12 hours and braised for 8 hours).

3. Add hot jalapeño that you've previously pickled in coca cola.

4. Top with grated cheddar and broken pork puffs.

5. Add crumbs of award wining Blackstrap treacle-cured bacon.

6. Finish with deep fried crispy shallots and fresh spring onion julienne.

7. Slater with homemade BBQ sauce.

For a chance to win all 3 dogs (+skinny fries) to enjoy at Dirty Bones, simply email your answer to the question below to info@dirty-bones.com by the 3rd August:

According to the US National Hot Dog and Sausage Council, how many hot dogs will be consumed in America during July's National Hot Dog Month?

a) Over seven hundred thousand

b) Over seven million

c) Over seven billion

Bring a mate, date, or eat them all yourself!

Edited by George Cheley

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