Carl King Talks Style Advice with The Idle Man

Carl King Talks Style Advice with The Idle Man

Our #StyleMadeEasy ethos is getting bigger and bigger with men across the country taking influence and advice from people in the industry. Here at Idle HQ we thought we'd talk to some of the people in the industry who know best and have a first hand look at the latest trends and styles that come out - the models.

At the envy of many men the model is the way many of us see how the clothes will look, I know many of us aren't model material (myself included), but that doesn't mean we can't draw inspiration and advice from these men who hang around the industry's elite, and who probably get style inspiration from the designers themselves. In this style lesson we spoke to model Carl King, who has appeared in magazines such as Disorder, Hunger and been photographed by Peter Cryer, to discuss his style and where he draws his style inspirations from.

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What has modelling taught you about fashion - how has your career influenced your style?

Modelling has taught me to dress in a way that describes myself and my personality. When I started modelling my agent said to me I looked like the 'typical English boy ' so he wanted me to get involved with brands like Burberry and Ben Sherman. Classic English brands with a specific looks which is great and I would love to work with these brands. However for me street fashion is what feels and looks right.

What is your go-to outfit?

A pair of Old Skool Vans, high top Converse or Adidas superstars followed by skinny jeans with ripped knees and a nice baggy old skool over sized jumper. A nice bomber or leather jacket and if I can't be bothered to style my hair a hat, something like a bowler hat or a beanie, depends on the weather and how I feel.

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Where do you get your style inspiration from?

I am inspired by the hipster Shoreditch look where everyone is creative and dresses in comfortable yet stylish clothing that looks awesome. I always get described at shoots and at work as ' Carl you are so Shoreditch '; I dress very casually but still try to keep my look trendy, street and cool.

What advice would you give to someone who is having difficulty developing their own style?

If I had to advise someone on what style to follow I would simply say dress in what makes you comfortable but edgy. You don't want to dress really bad on  night out for example and get turned down at the door because you don't look good enough - but that doesn't mean you have to wear smart shoes and a blazer.

Just dress appropriately to wherever you're going but I would always advice in dressing in something you are comfortable in, and if that means wearing something that nobody else wears but still looks edgy and cool then do it. Be creative and comfy.

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What are your fashion do's and don'ts?

I don't know many do's and don'ts except never be that idiot who buys clothes and shoes too small because you think smaller feet and waist looks better. A) It's painful and B) People will notice straight away. I have learnt from shoots when there is only a pair of shoes size 8 and I'm size 11 that it really does hurt wearing clothes to small.


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