Lemmy Ashton Talks to The Idle Man Ahead of BuggedOut Dreamland

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BuggedOut are venturing into the magical world of theme parks this year at Dreamland Margate. Their very own Lemmy Ashton sat down with us to give a few festival tips.

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If you're not familiar, the BuggedOut weekender in early January is the party to start off your year. They've come at us with something a little different. Taking over sunny Margate's Dreamland resort on September 24th with a selection of incredible techno, house & disco.

This isn't just any party though, it's set in a theme park! That's right, for £45 you get the likes of Joy Orbison, Ben UFO, The Martinez Brothers and a DJ set from Groove Armada to soundtrack a day at the seaside with free access to all the rides... all day. Pretty incredible if you ask us! If you're tempted, all the info you need is on their website.

Someone who'll be spinning throughout the day, is BuggedOut resident Lemmy Ashton. A man who's making serious moves this year. As we're deep into the festival season, we thought it was a good idea to get to know him a little better and learn from his festival mistakes.

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Buggedout Dreamland Line up


What are the main festivals you’re looking forward to this year?

Glastonbury is my favourite festival ever - its pros have long been discussed but you really can’t overstate just how amazing that place is. It was my fourth time going this year and I was still going to stages, areas and parts of the festival I’ve never seen before. It’s the best ever. I’m also looking forward to Electric Elephant for some sun and boat partying, Bestival because its the festival I always go with a good crew and the lineup is always top. And always BuggedOut!

What’s your top tip for not burning out on the first day?

It’s always important to make the switch from beers to something stronger like a spirit and mixer, because the real killer for a festival is a day on the beers and then you’re almost falling asleep come the headliners!

How do you choose who to see?

If I know I can catch an act at another festival over the summer I tend to be a bit lax about trooping across the site to catch them, if it’s a one off special set or guests/location then it will automatically go into my must sees. I like to make sure there’s always something fun in there too, it’s not always about thirty minute noise core drone acts, make sure to squeeze in something fun

Biggest thing to avoid?

Bad food, at festivals now there are some really good food options everywhere so there’s no excuse to go for a horrible burger or flaky noodles!

What can you not be without at a festival?

Eye masks. I can survive the heat, the lack of proper showers and the mud, but sleep is an essential and an eye mask is a must have.

Worst thing about festivals?

The walk from the transport to the campsite, it’s horrid. Bags splitting open, trying to find a decent spot and morale running low is without a doubt, the worst part. I always try and pack light, don’t bring any liquids and bribe someone else to carry the tent.

What are your festival favourites? 

It’s gotta be the aeropauses filters, I love my coffee and I always take my aeropauses with me, at any festival having good coffee easily accessible is a must.

One track that sums up the festival vibe?

This year it’s gotta be Låpsley - Operator (DJ Koze 'Extended Disco Re-rub)


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