Books You Should Be Reading

Books You Should Be Reading

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With the book worms coming out from the woodwork we have thought about five books which you should be reading.

Summer is quickly approaching and whether you enjoy to read at home in your garden, at a café in town or you simply just cannot go on holiday without one, we have gathered up a few popular books which will transport you to fictional worlds or have you trying to understand society from a completely different perspective.

The Ethical Carnivore |

Written by Louise Gray who's thought provoking idea to only kill the meat she would eat for an entire year lead her down a path of truth, enlightenment and courage. This true story is written with an open mind in a harsh time for fighting for veganism and ethical production in the meat industry. Gray begins her journey learning to a catch and kill small creatures such as mollusks and fish until she works her way to hunting and killing a deer. Along her journey you will learn to respect the food industry and her own pack to eat meat which she has killed herself.  Throughout reading you'll ask yourself, 'if you had to kill it yourself... if you had to look it in the eye... would you eat it?'

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Why I'm No Longer Talking To White People About Race |

The award-winning author Reni Eddo-Lodge has put her mind to work after spending years getting frustrated with the way that discussions of race and racism in Britain were being led by those who weren't affected by it. The book is there for those who are willing to say the three hardest words in the English language "I was wrong" when it comes to debates and opinions so this book is a way of learning to understand something which any white British citizen would struggle see. It's not about pointing out racists, it's about learning a new perspective to see, acknowledge and counter racism.

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My Uncle Oswald |

Uncharacteristically to some, you'd be surprised to discover Roald Dahl's adult stories. His novel "My Uncle Oswald" is a humorous read on the sex-driven world of a man who is trying out the worlds most powerful aphrodisiac along with his female accomplice. As the story builds you read as they scheme to steal sperm from some of the worlds most brilliant men including Picasso and Einstien. This novel will certainly change your perception of the author rather than his topic, realising he can write more than just about giant peaches and chocolate factories.

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This Is Going To Hurt |

The story about the life of a junior doctor won the 'book of the year award' at the National Book Awards selling over a million copies. Author Adam Kay had been writing down his secret notes after endless days, sleepless nights and missed weekends spent working in a hospital. Taking you into the unfamiliar shoes, Kay tells you all about the journey of a junior doctor's life on and off the ward, 97-hour weeks, and life and death decisions. Thrown into the deep end you'll find this book hilarious and horrifying.

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Misery |

From one of the worlds greatest horror writers comes Misery by Stephen King. Without a doubt at least one of King's books should be on your list of books which you should be reading and we have chosen Misery. The story is based upon a woman named Annie Wilkes who is driven to the extremes by her favourite author and kidnaps him to force him to write a sequel. King has in recent years spoke out about his own realisation that the book is in fact based upon his own addiction and self-torture with cocaine.

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