Blonde x The Idle Man

Blonde x The Idle Man

Bristol-born deep house duo Blonde are back with their latest single and video ‘Me, Myself, and I’ with vocals from London’s own Bryn Christopher.

The power anthem of self-love and acceptance is bursting at the seams with positivity and empowerment, and the video directed by Jordan Rossi brings all these affirmations to colourful life. The hi-fi pop sleek video pays homage to the 80s ballroom scene in New York City – where all walks of life can come together, dance, and preach self-love in a safe and open space. “I can’t love nobody, if I don’t love myself” is the song and video’s primary motto, and is definitely one to get behind.

The Idle Man caught up with the dynamic duo to talk everything from their initial concept of the song, to whether men should be having more of a focus on self-love and acceptance.


The melody popping 'Me, Myself, and I' music video is out now


The energetic dance anthem is actually based upon an real night out they explained, where Bryn had been out with some friends and ended up on his own. They told us, “He was out with friends at a Sink The Pink event having fun when he lost everyone. After the initial worry and annoyance had worn off he had a dawning realisation that he didn't need other people to have a good time and he went on to have the best night ever. All on his own. We really loved the message of the story as its quite an empowering one, so we took that and ran with it”.

Inspired by the sensational ‘Paris Is Burning’ documentary, Blonde wanted to throwback and recreate the feel of the 80’s Ballroom scene and said that they felt their collaboration with Jordon Rossi was undeniable. “It was one of those perfect collaborative moments when we met with Jordan. All our ideas seemed to miraculously align, and it felt like from day one we shared the same vision for this video, so that was awesome!” The deep house producers explained. “I had very recently just watched the documentary ‘Paris Is Burning’ and wanted to base some of the aesthetic on that. When Jordan showed me his mood board it was exactly what I had visualised."

With what feels like the world turning upside down, so many people are marching for love, peace and community, Blonde had recently been keeping a low profile, but have come back with something revolutionary which expresses liberation. “The thing I love about house music is its inclusive nature. We wanted to be as inclusive as possible in this video, as the message of the song is all about loving yourself and being proud of who you are, it made sense to have a collective of characters from all walks of life. House has always been a scene that’s prided itself on encouraging self-expression and inclusion”.


The melody popping 'Me, Myself, and I' music video is out now.


The inspiring lyrics discussing the love we must have for ourselves is a powerful message which the ‘All Cried Out’ duo says not just rings closely to them, but to everyone. “I think everyone has to learn that lesson at one point in their lives and we both definitely did. That’s probably why the message was so important for us to convey. Whether it’s a journey of self-discovery relating to creativity or even in regards to a break up, we've been through them all”.

The music industry can be a judgemental place, which means those wanting to break through need to believe in themselves now more than ever. Blonde continues, “the industry can be a very empowering place for some and a source of self-doubt and anxiety for others. We've been very lucky in that regard but of course, at times we've experienced the other side of things. As long as you take that negative energy and flip it then you'll do just fine. I guess my advice to anyone looking to start out in music would be - Stay true to your vision and be yourself”.

Whilst us at The Idle Man love listening to their music, we couldn’t help but find out some fashion advice from the hyped-up duo. Their key tip is simple, “Don't be afraid to stand out! As long as you carry yourself with confidence you can pull off anything!”

The future for the progressive deep house duo is exciting. Blonde tells us, “we're constantly working on new music at the moment, so expect plenty more of that. Plenty of touring as well, so expect to see us dotted around the globe over the next 6 months”.

Check out their new single, music video, and BTS video below.



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