Best Christmas Food in London


Looking for the best Christmas food in London? Well this guide is here to help you out a little bit.

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Ah Christmas - it’s rolled around once again. December is a time of joy and frivolity for many a reason, not least because it’s almost mandatory to be constantly full to your eyeballs with festive fare. If there is any point during the next four weeks when you’re not treading that hazy line between drunk and/or hung-over on mulled wine, or find yourself in a self-induced food coma, then you’re betraying the name of St Nichols himself.

No December day is complete unless you’ve suffered at least one bout of the Meat Sweats, and so we’ve complied a list of four items in London that are sure to bring about feelings of seasonal stuffed-ness. 

The Sandwich

The Christmas Sandwich from BLACKLOCK

Ah, Blacklock - the brothel-turned-chop joint that has been the den of pleasure seekers for many a year. Now there’s an altogether different kind of bird luring punters from the cold streets, as proprietor Gordon and his team have put their heads together and come up with the Christmas turkey sandwich to end all Christmas sandwiches.

Working with Cornish master butchers The Warrens, this turkey-packed triumph is loaded with a homemade sausage and onion patty, crispy bacon, sweet cranberry chutney and, uh, some steamed greens to appease your healthy side. This is all cuddled between a toasted demi-brioche bun, and the final touch? You can order a helping of rich turkey gravy to dunk the whole thing in, thus creating your ‘moist maker’ from TV legend.

PHOTO CREDIT: Rebecca Milford

The Burger


If you haven’t yet ventured to either the Soho or Chelsea site of this sleek American food joint then you’re missing out. Their burgers are just about as premium as you can get, since they are made solely from ground up steak and a little seasoning. Diners can go for the Blade BRGR, or upgrade to the Hanger Steak BRGR (crafted from onglet steak) or to the exceptional Rump Steak BRGR, which is blended using rump and prime rib. And now you can have your steak and eat in Christmas-style too, as the XMS BRGR brings its A-Game to the table with a rich venison patty.

And what is the best thing to combine meat with? Cheese, naturally. Stilton has been slathered on top, sprinkled with some chestnuts, and then pimped with caramelized onion and cranberry sauce for that extra festive touch. To reach true Santa-esque proportions of wideness, then accompany it with truffle fries and a Gingerbread Shake. Job done. 

PHOTO CREDIT: Rebecca Milford
PHOTO CREDIT: Lioneye Media

The Hot Dog


If there is one thing that we can’t get enough of during the days of December, then it’s Pigs in Blankets. It’s a travesty that this holy duo of pork wrapped in more pork should be relegated to the end of the year, but now you can rejoice in a new marvel that has swept the streets of Soho.

Gourmet hot dog eatery Top Dog have evidently witnessed the British public’s zealous love of this accompaniment to a roast dinner, and made it, well, giant. And so behold the Christmas Dog in a Blanket – an artisanal smoked pork sausage wrapped in bacon and topped with crispy shallots, pan-fried sage and cranberry sauce, accompanied by sweet potato fries. Pure genius.

PHOTO CREDIT: Rebecca Milford

The Steamed Buns


For those that want to add a little oriental twist to their Christmas munching, look no further than a bucket of JFC (Japanese Fried Chicken, FYI). Get hands-on with this meal of a steamer basket of buttermilk and shichimi fried half-chicken, served with BBQ mayonnaise, all intended to be stuffed into super-soft buns. The meal comes with a sweet treat of chocolate Yamazaki cake, and festive cheer is pretty much guaranteed if you also indulge in the spiced rum and grenadine hard shake. Ho ho ho indeed.

PHOTO CREDIT: Rebecca Milford

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