Our Guide to the Best Christmas Cocktails

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With the festive season comes a lot of drinking, and we're not complaining! We narrow down our list of some of the best cocktails to try or make this festive period so you can entertain both yourself and your friends and family with your mixology skills.

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Perfect for a Date

Keen to impress during the festive season? There can only be one place - The Savoy. And whilst making a room reservation might be a bit presumptuous (and break the bank), heading to one of the bars in this glitzy establishment will guarantee nods of approval.

Even better, the Beaufort Bar has two limited edition rye-based cocktails that are just begging to be imbibed during Christmas time. To celebrate the launch of Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Rye, you can enjoy two bespoke Rye cocktails - Jack Black, a rich, dark drink with hints of coffee and liquorice, and the fresh and fruity 150 In The Making with hints of apricot and sherry. How very suave of you.

jack daniels jack black cocktail

When You’ve Not Had your Fill of Mince Pies

Because simply eating these Christmassy sweet treats isn’t good enough - now you have to enjoy their pastry coated, cinnamon-laced flavour in liquid form. And there are a number of inventive bartenders who have taken it upon themselves to create cocktails that offer up the chance to enjoy the spirit of the season through sipping.

Head to Absurd Bird for their Mince Pie Martini, or visit the recently revamped Bluebird in Chelsea for their Mince Pie in a Manger - an indulgent combination of toffee vodka, Mozart chocolate liqueur, amaretto, and muddled clementine, served with a homemade mince pie.

mince pie cocktail

To Escape from Christmas Shopping

Who would even brave Oxford Street during December? Those fools! - These were words you uttered back in November, and yet now you find yourself weaving between tourists, families, and sharp-elbowed shoppers wielding cumbersome bags that won’t stop knocking your soft bits.

You’re going to need a break from trying to find the perfect gift amongst all this stress - as well as a sugar rush to replace all the energy you’ve no doubt used up. In which case, head to Chi Kitchen and order their Sweet Snow - a delicious blend of Hennessy, Baileys, Kahlua, Cointreau, milk and garnished with a stick of cinnamon. The cocktail is shaken with ice, and finished off with flaming Cointreau. Gift buying seems so much more pleasant with a boozy buzz, right?

chi kitchen sweet snow cocktail

What to Wear to a Bar

When you're heading off to a bar this Christmas you'll want to smarten yourself up a little bit. Take a classic shirt in blue and team it with a pair of black trousers or chinos. Teams with a classic penny loafer and a black coat to keep the warmth in and you'll have a great, smart outfit to take you from bar to bar.

what to wear to a bar


On That Note

No matter where you're off to this festive season, you can always make the effort to dress up a little bit and go out for a fancy cocktail. Make sure you dress smart with a shirt and a pair of trousers, it is Christmas after all!


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