Berlin City Guide with Music Producer Rampa

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Nothing quite compares to a great escape through a city and this time, we’ve landed in Berlin. City of artists, city of contrasts and the city of Rampa, a rising talent in the House and Techno world. From skate shops to some of the hottest clubs in the capital, journey with us into Rampa’s vision of this incredibly unique world, where day meets night and there’s no chance of ever getting bored.

Check out Rampa’s Boiler Room performance for a taster of his musical style.

Still not sure what to make of Berlin? Rampa's here to shed some light on the topic:

Where's the first place you visit when you get home from touring?

That would be Civilist. It’s a skate shop on Brunnenstrasse, right next to my  flat and also, the perfect place to hang out and talk about skateboarding, parties and girls.

Where's the best place for a first date?
Is there a best place? I would do it classy and take her out for a nice dinner.  Maybe at Stattbad, a club in Wedding, which is a very cool place to go to on Tuesdays. Later on, I recommend watching a movie.


Where's your favourite place to chill and clear your head?
It depends. Either in our studio or at the gym.

Where do you think you can serve the best breakfast?
I like Galao café on Weinbergsweg street. They serve good food there, but I usually go for the atmosphere.

Where's your favourite place to party?
Honestly, I don’t know because I’m out of town almost every weekend and there are a lot of new places to see in Berlin. But, I just love Stattbad!


Where's your favourite place to drink?
I don’t usually go out for drinks during the week, but some friends of mine have recommended this small bar in Brunnenstrasse, which I can’t wait to see with my own eyes. Apparently, it’s small but serves good drinks…I think it’s called 12 or 14, not sure about it…yet.

Where are your favourite spots to shop?
I like Civilist, Firmament and Soto in Mitte. Then, you can always check Kurfürstendamm, but only if you want to spend your money on Louis Vuitton and other similar stuff.

What's your earliest memory of Berlin?
My mom told me once, how my grandma and her escaped Berlin to meet my grandpa, who was fighting. I found out that he got injured and after that, sent back to South Germany. To me, the earliest memories are these stories and pictures. It’s sort of a great piece of family history. By the way, my grandma had her swimming lessons at Stattbad wedding… the same place we have our parties these days.


berlin skyline
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