A Beginners Guide to Leg Workouts

A Beginners Guide to Leg Workouts

Make sure you follow these quick and simple tips the next time you're tackling any dreaded leg workouts.

The legs have the biggest muscles in the body and, when you think about it, they are arguably the most important. We run, walk, swim, skip (sometimes) and through the power we have in our legs, depend on how efficient and quickly we can do these things.

Funnily enough a leg workout is one of the most neglected exercises, as it seems a bigger pectoral is more relevant than great quads. In truth it is very challenging, but for a great body aesthetic as well as strength it is very rewarding.

Are you going to be one of the people who miss leg day? If not, here is a brief introduction into getting started.

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Keep Your Body Well Fuelled

Legs are the largest muscle groups in the body so require a lot of energy. Make sure you consume a meal rich in both protein & in carbohydrates (the body's main energy source) before training. Once you have finished the workout, replenish your body with a good source of protein, shakes are a great option as they enter the body quickly and are well absorbed.

Keep your body well fuelled  - Legs - The Idle Man
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Stretch/ Warm Up

A good leg workout is very demanding on the body so you want to make sure you get your body as ready as possible for what you are about to do to it. Making sure you are warmed will not only allow you to have a better range of movement when training but can also reduce the chances on an injury.

Stick to the basics

With all training, stick to the basics! This also applies to leg training. Exercises such as squats are key to developing big legs. They are great as they primarily focus on the quads but also work the hamstrings and glutes. I would favour them over exercises such as leg extensions.

Stick to the basics - legs - The Idle Man
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Use a Full Range of Movement

Not only will you stimulate more muscle but again decrease your chances of injury. Best way to look at it is to think full range of movements give you full, long muscles. Short movements will give short muscle fibres, increasing your chances of injury.

Use a full range of movement - legs - The Idle Man
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Rep Range

I have heard and read countless times that you need to train legs with higher reps (15-20). In my opinion 8 - 12 maximum is what you need, remember lifting heavy will build muscle faster & burn more calories.

Arnold - Rep range - Leg raises - The Idle Man
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