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It can be a track, gig, a piece of art, or absolutely anything. We’re taking a look at the moments when artists realised they were going to dedicate their lives to music. 

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Better known by his alias Claude VonStroke, Barclay Crenshaw is going back to his original passion for hip-hop with his eponymous debut LP. Dirty Bird label boss has also given us a selection of his favourite old school hip-hop tracks. Read on to find out all about the defining moments that sparked his love for music and have a listen to the playlist. This is Barclay Crenshaw's moment.

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You never really get over your first love. Same goes for Barclay Crenshaw and his love of 90s hip-hop. Born in Cleveland but raised in Detroit, gives us a debut album that is based on different musical flavours than his house and techno productions as Claude VonStroke. It's no coincidence that he released the LP under his birth name as it's all about going back to the origins.

Barclay Crenshaw–Daniel Peterson-5
PHOTO CREDIT: Daniel Peterson

It all started when Barclay was 24 standing in his loft in downtown Detroit looking over the cityscape. "I played this cassette tape my friend handed me the day before. It was a jungle tape. I never heard the sound design before that I heard on that tape and I was totally hooked. I had been making tunes since I was 11 but this was when I knew I had to do it. I dedicated myself again to making music. I had tried before but I rededicated myself this time".

Check out the playlist below to have a listen to some classic hip-hop tracks Barclay picked for us.

Author: Claudia Manca


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