Autumnal Inspirations For Your Home

Autumnal Inspirations For Your Home

Heading into the final quarter of the year, it’s a great time to start thinking about ways to spruce up your home to get ready for next year. This Autumnal season is all about traditional, vintage and cultural influences.

The Autumn/Winter season is arguably the most popular time of year for home renovation projects as people want to give their humble abode a revamp in time for the new year. This year has seen some of the finest examples of home designs that can work for pretty much everyone and every room in your home. One of the best parts about home decor is that it’s whatever suits you and your personality, although trends do come and go, it doesn’t apply to your decor in the same way as clothing. There are some home trends that are timeless, for instance, minimalism and Scandinavian designs.


First blessing our Spring wardrobes and now making its way into our home decor, pastels are always a blessing. Interior design brand, Schneid, based in Germany has unleashed their latest collection of premium pastel homeware. The bigger and brighter collection suits this Autumnal season bringing the colours of country parks into your home. The burnt oranges and mellow yellows of the changing leaves are now gracing your kitchen counters like never before. The beauty of the collection is that they can be mixed and matched with the other colours from their stunning range, their powdered pinks blend with their desirable green pastel tones giving them an extra lift above other interior brands.

Vintage Lighting

2018 is all about vintage everything. Vintage lighting is the next aspect to come from the under the vintage umbrella, it can be something you add to a room for extra character, living room, bedroom, kitchen, or dining room, it pretty much can be added anywhere and everywhere. They have a do-it-yourself vibe, they can be found for lanterns, pendants, sconces, and chandeliers. You’re spoilt for choice when it comes to retro lighting, you will be able to find something that suits your personality and budget very easily.

Tom Dixon has created the Tom Dixon Melt collection, drawing on the vintage theme, his collection experiments with creating new molds and shapes out of half-metalised spherical lights suiting it to the imperfect visions of vintage.


Everyone should incorporate art into their homes whether it’s contemporary, abstract or something completely different. Art is more than hanging a picture on a wall, it can lift an entire room, adding colour and intellect. The latest edition to OPUMO’s The Skateroomis Basquiat x The Skateroom Decks. The new ‘Boxer Rebellion’ prints created by Jean-Michel Basquiat is a collection of 60 prints using 18-colour screen prints.

The prints are influenced by art and street culture, the two concepts which compliment each other are designed onto the decks of skateboards. The loud and bold designs would work best on a large white wall where they are the main focus of the room. By purchasing one of the skateboards, you will also be supporting social enterprises and charities across the world.

The Calmness Within The Bedroom

The bedroom is the most personal room in your home. It should personify you and be somewhere that you can retreat to every night and look forward to a good nights sleep you’ve earned after a hard day. It’s no secret that we all get stressed whether it’s with work or relationships, so a casual and calm bedroom has been a win for 2018. With the less is more attitude, at least your bedroom won’t be as cluttered as your mind, mixing neutral tones for a soft touch in the master bedroom for something extra. To make the room seem a little more fun and not too boring you can experiment with textures and fabrics, and maybe add a chair or another piece of furniture to add an accent to the room, even if your clothes end up sitting on the chair than you, it will add a little extra comfort to the whole room.

Coffee Table Books

A sophisticated addition to a household are books, in particular, aesthetically pleasing books and magazines spread across the coffee table. A low coffee table with purposely placed print opens a home up, making you appreciate the world of independent text more than ever. Imaging during the Autumnal season, you’ll be able to sit down peacefully reading up on new and exciting innovations whilst hearing the pitter patter of rain against your window behind you. Enjoy staying in this autumn with nothing other than your coffee table books.

Mendo is an online and physical bookstore which features only the finest independent publications across an array of topics. With a mission to become the most elegant bookstore for design, visual beauty, and daily inspiration, they stock material based on art, photography, design, theory fashion, and culture. It will be hard not to find something that’ll interest you.


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