Amsterdam City Guide with House Producer Poupon

Amsterdam City Guide with House Producer Poupon

We stay in Europe for this week's My City, this time heading North from Nice to the Venice of the north, Amsterdam. Famous for its unusual architecture, coffee shops and red light district, Amsterdam has been attracting many a party goer and stoner for years. But there's so much more to this quaint and elegant city than sex and magic mushrooms, to prove this point we've hooked up with House DJ and Producer Poupon.

With Ultra Music giving his contagious 'Fall Back' a release for the North American House scene to enjoy, this rising talent from Toronto seems to be in on the cusp of something huge. Look out for his upcoming EP on Ultra too, early signs have made us very excited for what is to come from this promising young producer. For now, lets join Poupon for his guide round the nooks and crannies of Amsterdam.

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Best Place to Cure Your Hangover?

Greenwoods for a proper English breakfast, or one of the best Club Sandwiches I've ever had.


Photo: Flickr
Photo Credit: Flickr


Top Spot for a First Date?

I know traditionally first dates take place at night, but for a daytime option I would take my date on G's Brunch Boat for some great food, drinks and a romantic cruise through the canals - then a bike ride through Vondelpark. For a romantic dinner, I would head to Rijsel or Aan de Amstel.


Photo Credit: City Guide 2011


Your Favourite Place to Chill and Clear Your Head?

Whenever I need to clear my head I get on my bike and head south along the Amstel river, out of the city. Before you know it, you're surrounded by farms, windmills and cows.


Photo Credit: Holland Vs Netherlands


Top Location to Gain Some Inspiration?

To be honest most of my ideas come in the shower haha! But outside of my house, I would say along the canals on a patio of a café in Jordaan with a beer in hand, watching the bikes and boats pass by.




Best Club for a Few too Many Drinks?

There's a big void in Amsterdam's club scene after the closing of Trouw, but I always enjoy Studio 80. It's small and simple, but I've had some fun nights there! There's a few new places I haven't had the chance to check out yet but I want to.


Photo Credit: Resident Advisor


Top Spot for a Coffee?

I'm actually not much of a coffee drinker, so I'll substitute coffee for beer. I love Tripel, a Belgian Beer cafe with lord knows how many different kinds of beer. The menu is like 5 pages long.


Photo: Tripel Facebook
Photo Credit: Tripel Facebook


Earliest Memory of Your City? 

My earliest moment of Amsterdam is not that long ago, since I only moved here under 2 years ago but it would have to be when I visited the city a few months before moving. As soon as I walked out of Centraal Station I was hooked, I knew it was somewhere I wanted to live. I remember passing Rembrandtplein on the tram at night with all the neon signs lit up and felt like I was in a movie or something.


Centraal Station (Stationsplein, Amsterdam)
Photo Credit: Wikipedia


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