A Guide Tour Of Aix-en-Provence With Kungs

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We travel to the be picturesque city of Aix-en-Provence in the South of France, to get the lowdown on all things food, drink and partying with French producer Kungs. 

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If your a sucker for sights then Aix is the place for you, France's brainiest city is know for it's beautiful views and renaissance art. Aix is the height of South of France chic so if you want to impress your friends with a cultured holiday, then hop on the new Eurostar service from London to Aix for a calm and chilled holiday.

Have you heard of This Girl? I bet you have. It's a summer anthem having racked up over a million plays on Soundcloud already, and has dominated the charts all across Europe. So now it's time to meet the producer behind the music, Kungs. We take a trip through the city of Aix with the famed producer who is set to be a big name come 2017.

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Where’s The Best Place for a First Date?

I’d say the Cour Mirrabeau sitting on a bench under the shadow of a tree.

Kungs' perfect date outfit:

kungs date outfit
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Where’s Your Preferred Place to Chill and Clear Your Head?

It’s the Parc de la Torse really cool place to chill and to listen inspiring music.

Parc de la Torse

Where Serves the Best Breakfast?

To be honest when I want to have a great breakfast I prefer going to the bakery at the end of my street and buy some fresh croissants and Petit pains au chocolate. With a fresh orange juice it’s perfect !

Where’s Your Favourite Place to Party?

Le Mistral, that’s where I started Djing and it’s always a pleasure to go back there as a client !

Kungs' Party Style:

kungs partying outfit
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Where’s Your Favourite Place to Have a Quiet Drink?

I would say Café des cardeurs.

PHOTO CREDIT: Amsterdam Foodie

How Would you Describe Your City’s Style?

Classy, some people say that Aix-en-Provence is the 21st arrondissement of Paris so I guess classy would be the right word...

Where Are Your Favourite Places to Shop?

Note really sexy but it’s in a mall Les allées provençale there is a large choice of clothes and shoes stores in it that’s why I like it!

Les allées provençale
PHOTO CREDIT: Groupe Soge Prom

What Song Sums Up Your City?

Well a few month ago I would have say Bubble bass from The Swiss (walking down the streets of Aix-en-Provence with this track in my headphones is just so cool, you should try it) but since This Girl has been released I would say that for me this track sum up my city. Actually, This Girl has been entirely made in my Aix-en-Provence apartment's home studio so in my mind this track will forever be linked with this city.


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