A Taste of France in Brick Lane

A Taste of France in Brick Lane

We headed down to Blanchette, Brick Lane to taste their incredible French & North African cuisine and it is definitely something you need to try. So, if you're ever in the area be sure to go and give them a visit! 

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In August 2016 Blanchette East was born. Two years on, they are still providing their customers with a taste of France & North Africa without having to leave Brick Lane.

Whilst their older Soho sister set the standards very high with multiple mentions as the best tapas in London, Blanchette East still managed to capture the hearts of East London. The modern French menu incorporates more Southern French and North African influences with spices from the regions – yet, the décor mirrors the urban feel of Brick Lane with interior details inspired by the Parisian Belle Époque era.

Lamb Tagine with Apricot, Almonds and Lebna and Saffron Rice.
PHOTO CREDIT: Blanchette

The menu is the star of the show. Who would have thought food which is so artistically presented could be so kind to the wallet and even kinder to your taste buds? It is a vacation for your mouth, your entree’s take you to South France, the main meal will bring you to North Africa and desert is a private jet to heaven. The waitresses often recommend going for Tapas with an array of small dishes being shared – but, we all know that’s just so you have an excuse to try everything the Chef has to offer.

Tam Storrar, who is now taking on the role of chef director across both restaurants, has put together a menu true to Blanchette’s style. The menu begins with a variety of smaller snacks, charcuterie and cheeses. This is just a total tease for what arrives later. The menu is then split into fish, meat and vegetable dishes including Rare Peppered Tuna with Chili, Avocado and Lime; Lamb Tagine with Apricot, Almonds and Lebna, exploring the more North African flavours that Blanchette Brick Lane will be championing; and Saffron Couscous with Tabbouleh and Pomegranate Yoghurt. However, if you’re like everyone else, no matter how full you are, you still need that sweet tooth fix before you call it a night. Blanchette East brings an array of creamy sorbet’s which compliment decadent chocolate pots and apple tart tatins.

Vegan Menu.
PHOTO CREDIT: Blanchette

The drink situation is a story within itself. A concise wine list features French, Spanish and Italian wines, whilst the cocktail menu steals the show. A desert in a drink and happiness in a glass. The cocktail menu showcases four delicious concoction’s that combine peppermint liqueur with Kahlua and Patron with coffee.

These beautiful flavours within each dish are echoed within the ambience and aesthetic of the little French Bistro. Blanchette brings a feeling of home – with antique décor sourced from Parisian vintage markets, tapered candles lighting the rustic wooden features and a ceiling offset by an array of fresh plants. Conversations murmur over the carefully curated playlist which brings signature style blends elements of nu-disco, funk soul classics and new wave - a neat parallel to the diversity of East London.

Yet, the staff are what brings the whole experience together. You are greeted as friends, yet, treated like royals. The service team brought an aura of joy to the venue, their passion for the menu is contagious.

Overall Blanchette East for two years has brought a slice of Soho to Brick Lane and a taste of France to London.


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