A Guided Tour of Vancouver with Herschel

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We're on a trip to Canada's most iconic cities, Vancouver, learning the best spots from our guide, fashion brand Herschel

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Canadian brothers Jamie and Lyndon Cormack took on the world's need for nostalgia and created Herschel, a brand that seems like it's been around for generations, but is in fact less than 20 years old. Their success began with their classic style satchels and bags, making designs that were practical and had an appealing vintage edge to them.

Now, as well as producing their original designs, they've moved on to more modern styles, each one still retaining their unique simplicity that made the brand so popular worldwide.


A Guided Tour of Vancouver with Herschel

Where Can We Find the Herschel Team after Work on a Friday?

We host our own happy hour at the office on Friday's with wine and beer thanks to the team at Postmark Brewing. Things usually kick off around 4 and go until the work (or beer) is finished.

Herschel office

Where's Your Preferred Place to Chill, Clear Your Head and Find Some Inspiration?

Living in Vancouver, we're fortunate to be surrounded by some of the worlds most beautiful natural scenery, which offers loads of inspiration and optimal places to relax. From walking the seawall and stopping to chill at one of the beaches found along the way, to getting your heart pumping while hiking the Grind on North Vancouver's Grouse Mountain.  

grouse mountain skyride Vancouver

Where Serves the Best Breakfast?

Cafe Medina definitely serves up a great breakfast, and the daily lineup down the block attests to this. If you don't want to brave the line, you can just grab one of their flavoured latte's and a liege-style waffle to go.

Cafe Medina Vancouver
PHOTO CREDIT: Scout Magazine

How Would You Describe Your City's Style?

Vancouver's style is definitely known for being more laid back than our east coast counterparts. We're pioneers of the athleisure movement, and are all about clothes that are both fashionable and functional; items that can take us from the city to the mountains.

Do You Have a Fact about Your City That Not a Lot of People Would Know?

I'm pretty sure a chef from Vancouver invented the California roll, so that's pretty cool.

Herschel office

Where Can we Find the Herschel’s Team on Monday Morning?

Either crowded around our newly installed coffee machine, or making the walk to JJ Bean, a local roaster with a location a block or so away from our office.

Where Does Most of the Magic Happen at Herschel's HQ?

There's magic happening in every corner of our office. Right now we're a little tight on space with the amount of new hires we've made over the past year, so this is especially true. This summer our marketing and design teams will be moving downstairs into a space we're currently renovating. They'll be right across the hall from the studio where all of our product images are shot.

Herschel office

Bags Best Suited to Vancouver

Bags For Hiking

herschel work bags
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Bags for The City

herschel out and about bags Mikey Mouse
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