A Guided Tour of Leicester with Rob Sparx & Soulful Nature

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We're in the historic city of Leicester with our guides, DJs Rob Sparx and Soulful Nature

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In this My City we have two iconic rising DJs to show us around the city of Leicester, dubstep DJ Rob Sparx, and drum and base DJ Soulful Nature.

Classically trained in base guitar and inspired by the works of Jimmi Hendrics, DJ Rob Sparx's musical style has changed drastically over the years, going from rock, to drum and base, to dubstep. His melodic style is as electric as his taste in genres, with tracks going from warm and ambient to heavy, gritty beats.

With a love of vinyl and a the teachings of music technology, DJ Soulful Nature incorporates a range of genres into his music, and, as his name suggests, focuses on the soulful side of his tracks. Taking an educational approach to his music, Soulful Nature continues to hone his skills on the decks and explore the techniques of drum and base.

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Where’s the best place for a first date?

Soulful Nature: For me it would be Little Tokyo on Braunstone Gate. Best Japanese food in Leicester. Braunstone Gate and Narborough Road have some really nice and varied restaurants. If you want something a little more pricey Maiyango is really good for food and drinks.

hotel-maiyango restaurant
Photo Credit: Maiyango

Where’s your preferred place to chill and clear your head?

Rob Sparx: Western Park & Abbey Park are nice when the weather is good

Abbey Park Ruins
Photo Credit: Leicestershire Villages

Where serves the best breakfast?

Rob Sparx: Can't say we eat breakfast out much but Cafe Two Ten on Narborough Road is good

Where’s your favourite place to have a quiet drink?

Soulful Nature: If I'm out in Leicester it may be the Orange Tree or 33 Cank Street. If I'm on Braunstone Gate/Narborough road it'll be 9bar, Looking Glass or Sugar Loaf.

Orange Tree bar cocktails
Photo Credit: Orange Tree

What to wear...

outfit grid night out bar casual
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Where’s your favourite place to get a little messier?

Rob Sparx: Su8ten is good for a dance and drinks, Canvas and The Basement have good events put on on a regular basis. Sumo on Braunstone Gate can be fun as well, and Music Cafe has some great dub & dnb nights.

the basement bar
Photo Credit: The Basement Bar

Where are your favourite places to shop?

Soulful Nature: For clothes there's WellGosh!, Urban Outfitters. Music wise there are a few shops that I go to. For record shopping there's Rockaboom in Malcolm arcade and also the market which has some decent music stalls as well.

Music Junkie on Lee Circle is the place I go to to shop for the latest music technology but there are also music technology shops on Narborough and London road.

What song sums up your city?

Soulful Nature: Kasabian - Underdog. Leicester as a city has a lot going for it whether it be musically or on sporting level but we're always having to compete with other big cities such as London and Birmingham, and yet despite that we have great music coming from the city.

When Kasabian came back to Leicester for their gig at Victoria Park it just showed what a great and diverse city we have here and that song resonated with me massively. Despite facing relegation last season the foxes are currently top of the premier league and favourites to win (odds were 5000-1 before the season!) whilst the Tigers are the most successful rugby team in England.

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