A Guided Tour of Ibiza with House Duo Amine Edge & Dance


We're returning to Ibiza for this week's My City, and our tour comes from renowned house duo Amine Edge & DANCE. Growing up in France as childhood friends, Amine Edge & DANCE have fulfilled their dream of becoming musicians and then some. Their unique style G-house, inspired by Washington soul, NYC rap slang and Chicago house, has seen them rocket in popularity in the UK and beyond.

This year the guys will be in Ibiza throughout the summer, hosting their own night, CUFF, every Monday at Sankeys. CUFF is the home of Amine Edge and DANCE's unique sound of G-house, and an ideal platform for showcasing talent such as Danny Howard and Clouded Judgement. Despite its relatively young age, CUFF's impact in bringing G-house to the Ibiza crowd is already being felt.

With The Idle Man's exclusive sponsorship of Sankeys, it's the ideal time to hear about Amine Edge & DANCE's favourite places on the White Isle.

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Where’s the first place you visit when you get on the Island?

Amine Edge: I'm always here for a gig so I just go to my hotel. I love the Hard Rock hotel because it's the most quiet hotel and has the best bed.

DANCE: Same. I love to chill in this hotel, there are two big swiming pools and a private beach. The food is amazing and their strawberry daykiri is very nice.


Photo Credit: hrhibiza
Photo Credit: hrhibiza


Where’s the best place for a quiet drink?

Amine Edge: Mambo, but it's not very quiet if I go for a drink there!

DANCE : I don't work for them I promise! But Hard Rock is a very good place to have a drink and it's not that expensive.


Photo Credit: librorecetas
Photo Credit: librorecetas


Where’s your preferred place to chill?

Amine Edge: My home. There really is no place like home when you travel a lot.

DANCE: I love to chill in my home studio, it's my favorite place in the world. It's got everything I need to live: music, food and alcohol.


Photo Credit: ushuaiabeachhotel
Photo Credit: ushuaiabeachhotel


Where serves the best breakfast to cure your hangover?

Amine Edge: I never have breakfast out, always in the hotel or, if I have a villa, I cook myself something nice and healthy.

DANCE: I'm never usually hungry in the morning, I just need coffee and a cigarette.


Photo Credit: 500px
Photo Credit: 500px


Where’s your favourite place to party?

Amine Edge: Sorry to be boring, but I never party!

DANCE: I like to go to DC10 with my friends and drink vodka all night!


Photo Credit: ibiza2015
Photo Credit: ibiza2015


Where’s your favourite place to catch some rays?

Amine Edge: I mostly stay at the pool in the hotel, I'm not a big fan of the beach.

DANCE: If I want to get tanned and party at the same time I go to Bora Bora beach, but if I'm tired I'll chill by the pool at my hotel with my headphones and some old school RnB.


Photo Credit: ibiza2015
Photo Credit: ibiza2015


What’s your earliest memory of Ibiza?

Amine Edge: My first time on the island was in 2006 with two good friends, it was unbelievable. I discovered all the biggest clubs that everybody talks about, and it gave me all the motivation to keep working hard. Now I play in these clubs, that's pretty cool.

DANCE: My first time was three years ago and I went direct to DC10 at the end of the afternoon. It was amazing, I fell in love with this club. Our friend Browther played a great set and Kery Chandler after. What good memories.


Photo Credit: ibiza-spotlight
Photo Credit: ibiza-spotlight


What one song sums up your Ibiza for you and why?

Amine edge: Djuma Soundsystem - Les Djinns (Trentemoller Remix) - it's a very Spanish-oriented track with amazing guitar, reminds me of the Ibiza sunset.


DANCE: Travis Scott feat. Young Thug & Rich Homie Quan - Mamacita - because last year I listened to this track every day in my car when I was driving to the beach or clubs.


Where are your favourite places to shop?

Amine Edge: I don’t shop in Ibiza, I've never managed to find a good place but if you know one please tell me.

DANCE: I recently found a nice shop near the port, but I can't remember the name!


Photo Credit: beinconnect
Photo Credit: beinconnect


Top spot for watching the sun come up?

Amine Edge: Only a few people see the sun come up in Ibiza, chilling on the beach after a long night can be cool.

DANCE: Two weeks ago after our CUFF party at Sankeys we all got some pizza and went to the beach in Playa den Bossa at 7am. The sunrise was very nice.


Photo Credit: ibiza4all
Photo Credit: ibiza4all


Top spot for watching the sun go down?

Amine Edge: Mambo. Good music, good food, good vibrations. The place to be!

DANCE: Yeah, definitely Mambo!


Photo Credit: ibiza-spotlight
Photo Credit: ibiza-spotlight


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