A Guided Tour of Brighton With Street Artist Jimi Crayon

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The Idle Man's sportswear favourite, Ellesse, has been leading the way in fusing fashionable aesthetics and sportswear practicality for over 50 years now and their most recent venture sees them continuing to celebrate pioneering and innovative figures in the modern cultural landscape. They've teamed up with four successful entrepreneurs and artists all breaking their way into contemporary art forms and industries to create a short documentary which will be exclusively showcased this coming Thursday 8th Ocotber.

The mix of inspirational characters include Nick Bam; founder of License 2 Trill, JuiceGee; streetwear blogger and stylist, Andre Branco; founder of Wavey Garms, and Jimi Crayon; an artist and designer from sunny Brighton. After hearing about this exciting project, we thought it would be a good time to catch up with one of the faces of the documentary (and get a little trip to Brighton out of it). That's where Jimi Crayon comes in, as he gives us a guided tour of his hometown, Brighton.

#ellesseexplores takes place at Number Six, London E1 this Thursday 8th Oct from 7pm. Apply for guest list here

Check out the rest of our My City Series here and stay up to date with Jimi Crayon's movements through his Website | Twitter | Facebook


Where do you go for a quiet drink?

I love to eat so I’m usually in a pub with good food. Lion & Lobster's always good. The Urchin for seafood, The Joker for wings, Hare & Hound for Burritos, the Open House, there's so many good pubs in Brighton it's hard to go too far wrong to be honest.

What would you wear?


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Where do you head to gain some inspiration?

My flat is two seconds from the seafront up towards Hove so I tend to head to the beach. There's something about being able to see way off into the distance that really helps clear your head. When I lived in London I'd go for weeks without seeing any further than a few hundred metres down a street, so it's nice to have that kind of space right outside my house. It's a powerful view.


Photo Credit: Nixon Mcinnes
Photo Credit: Nixon Mcinnes


Where do you go for a good coffee?

I don’t drink coffee! I never have so I couldn’t tell you but I'm liking this place called SIlo. It's completely waste free which I think is cool but I haven’t tasted the coffee.

What clobber would we see you in?


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What are your favourite shops for a bit of clobber?

I like Peggs & Sons, they have a bit of everything there. Other than that, I go wandering in the lanes, there's tons of cool shops scattered everywhere.


Photo Credit: Botanica
Photo Credit: Botanica


What club is your go-to for a messier one?

I always seem to end up in the Mash Tun or Neighbourhood, they aren’t clubs but can definitely get pretty messy, good food too. I also like BYO - Bring Your Own Cocktail bar - it's got a real speakeasy feel to it. You bring your own alcohol and the cocktail waiters make you cocktails. It really doesn’t take to long to get absolutely hammered in there.

What outfit would you choose?


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Where would you take someone who's never been before to see the 'real' Brighton?

I’d have to take them on a bit of a pub crawl I think. I read somewhere recently that there's well over 500 pubs here and you’ll find most of the people I know down there sat in a pub on a Saturday afternoon.


Photo Credit: Drink In Brighton
Photo Credit: Drink In Brighton


How would you describe Brighton's style?

In terms of fashion, I don’t think I could sum it up but there is definitely a very laid back vibe here. Life seems to move at a nice easy pace.

How would you get that style?


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