A Definitive Guide Of Houseplants

A Definitive Guide Of Houseplants

Bringing the outdoors, indoors, is a big trend this year with sales of indoor plants skyrocketing. It's been proven that indoor plants improve air quality, reduce background noise and even reduce stress levels, giving us plenty of reasons to connect with nature.

For once, it can only be good to bring nature into your home, welcoming indoor plants will bring life into your living spaces, celebrating nature rather than locking it outside through concrete walls.

There are so many interior designers which focus on indoor plants, creating pots like never before, combining function and art. Don't shy away from plants if you aren't a born nurturer, even one Danish designer has created self-catering plants. To give you some inspiration and tips on bringing beauty and nature into your home, here is a step-by-step plan to care for your plant and a list of designers you will be nothing but amazed by.

Caring for you plant

  • Pick a plant pot with at least one hole in the base, this will drain the water out and stop the roots from drowning. You can add filter paper before planting to stop your soil from falling through.
  • Good plant pots for ease of moving and are less absorbent than ones made with resin, fiberglass, and plastic.
  • You must use potting soil, not soil from your garden, and depending on your plant, you may need to use a specially formulated mix for them.
  • Choosing the right spot for your plant is crucial, so do your research. Does it need lots of sunlight or shade?
  • When you are transferring your plant for planting you must work carefully, being too forceful can shock the plant, try to ease your plant out of its container by relaxing the sides of the pot first.
  • Once you have placed your plant into its chosen pot, add the soil, leaving the stem uncovered and an inch from the rim of the plant pot.
  • Now your plant should be free to grow happily and live a long life. If your plant blooms, make sure you de-head the dull flowers to encourage your plant to keep growing.

Photo credit: London Terrariums


"Happy plants, minimal effort", is the motto for Pikaplant. Cleverly designed by industrial design engineers, their plants are created to mimic nature, to make caring for them as easy as possible so everyone can enjoy indoor plants. Their unique range of products are created using upside down, airtight mason jars to create an ecosphere. This means that the water inside the jar stays in the jar, and the plant will continuously recycle the water it has for up to 20 months. These plants are perfect for someone who is busy and might not always remember to water their plants, and they aren't just easy to care for, they also look intriguing. With a contemporary and minimal look, Pikaplant would fit perfectly in a Scandinavian themed home where simplicity is admired.

Photo credit: Pikaplant

Photo credit: OPUMO


Flyte, although not dedicated to plants, has a sister company called Lyfe which offers a futuristic plant pot which shouldn't be missed. The 12-sided geodesic pot is designed from silicone and rotates in mid-air. The innovative design was created to give the wow factor, and that cannot be denied. The rotating planter creates a hypnotic and relaxing experience for your home or office. Going a step further, Flyte pots have a hidden drainage system inside the pot, creating an inner reservoir for excess water to drain into after watering to avoid overfeeding and drowning the roots. If you're wanting to impress your friends or family, then this is definitely the pot for you.

Photo credit: Lyfe

Photo credit: Lyfe


If you are already crazy about nature, then Bujnie potters are for you. A nod to jungle life, Bujnie has created a range of functional plant pots to create your own home jungle, some freestanding and others you can hang on your wall. You can really bring life to your home with Bujnie wall hanging plant pots, having an assorted collection of plants it will certainly import nature inside. Designing a beautiful plant stands which work as functional furniture too, makes bringing plants into your home even easier. Their multifunctional coffee table with inbuilt plant holders allows you to enjoy a cuppa and read a magazine whilst breathing in some fresh air. Not a bad idea if you live in a city where pollution is high, bringing plants indoors can help purify your house, so it's more the merrier, right?

Photo credit: OPUMO

Photo credit: OPUMO

Ay Catcus

Specialising in miniature 'Aytypique cactus', Ay Cactus individually decorate the cacti pots in fun and creative ways bringing a hint of colour to your space. Offering three different collections, Bisou, Playground and Ancient Roman, you can choose ones which would suit your home. Cacti are easy to take care of, although it's important to understand the type of cactus you have, in general, they only need watering weekly, be sure to make sure the soil is dry between feeding. Ideal for a gift, you can personalise your cactus by choosing your plant and writing a message on the label for that extra touch.

Photo credit: Ay Cactus

Photo credit: Ay Cactus

Now that they're extremely popular, house plants are growing in almost everyone's home, making it possibly one of the healthiest trends to hit us in 2018, teaching us that they should become more than a trend, they should be a necessity. With all the health benefits that come with owning houseplants, you can also make them aesthetically pleasing, and these brands help with that. If you aren't too keen on having too many plants growing wild in your living room, then making your own terrarium would be the perfect coffee table fix. Designing your home is becoming more fun, so jump on the bandwagon and take a ride into your own personalised jungle.

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