6 Festival Food Stalls to Look out for This Summer


Finding the best food at festivals has got a lot harder now that there's so many to choose from. It's not just your standard burger or hot-dog anymore! So, because you can get a whole variety of foods, we've rounded up our favourites.

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Festival season is well and truly underway! It can be difficult to focus on day-to-day tasks if you've got a few in the diary, especially if your excitement has extended to popping your wellies by the front door, playing all of your favourite headliners' albums on loop, and telling everyone how great it's going to be at every opportunity. To keep you occupied while you count down the days, we've pulled together a list of great food stalls that will be there on the day to keep you fed and watered! And of course, we can't show you them all because we'll be here for days, so as much as we love talking about food, here are six you should know.


Anna-Mae's is southern street food at its finest. Offering "pimped up Mac n Cheese" from a 1950s style trailer, this is a food vendor that will definitely fill you up for the long night ahead. The queues may be long, but it's certainly worth the wait! Plus, with a few new additions to the menu, you'll be back for more in no time.

Find at: Lovebox

Anna Maes van is very Instagram-worthy

FFS - Feral Food Store

This vegan street food aims to satisfy everyone. It's guilt-free and essentially junk food - just with a vegan twist. If you're craving something southern fried, then you're in for a treat, as the southern fried seitan burgers are far from boring. Sweet potato fries are loaded with pomegranate molasses, and if you want something a bit different you can go for the cauliflower rice salad boxes. Not your usual vegan, or festival food, but it's far from average!

Find at: Blissfields

Vegan junk food that's far from boring!

Baked in Brick

Cooked in converted Mini Coopers, Baked in Brick can offer you some of the best BBQ chicken tikka wraps and wood-fired Neapolitan style pizza there is. Plus, with a few extra specials, street food just got a whole lot better. If cooking fresh food from a Mini Cooper doesn't sway your choice alone, their menu is constantly changing, so you'll always be finding something new.

Find at: Lattitude

Baked in Brick uses converted Mini Coopers for their cooking
PHOTO CREDIT: Baked in Brick

Churros Garcia

Who doesn't love a churro?! Stupid question really, but for those of you who don't know what these are, they are a traditional Spanish snack that's usually served with melted chocolate. They're crispy and lighter than doughnuts, but have a similar texture to the much-loved treat. Churros Garcia is a small family-run business, who's passion is bringing "churros con chocolate" to the UK. This is the perfect place to go when you're starting to wind down and are looking for that much needed kick.

Find at: Bestival

Who doesn't love churros?
PHOTO CREDIT:: Churros Garcia

Salt Shed

Inspired by East End salt beef, these guys have brought their carefully sourced beef and traditional salting methods to bring to a range of festivals. Whether you want to go for a traditional salt beef bagel covered in English mustard and sweet pickles, or you'd prefer the signature salt beef short rib, this vibrant street food will keep you full and satisfied so you can enjoy the music.

Find at: Lattitude

If this isn't mouth watering, we don't know what is


You may have heard of this one before, but this is for those of you who love their food lathered in lashings of BBQ sauce! With a focus on ribs, slow-roast pork and beef, Smokestak makes its magic from behind an impressive custom built Texan BBQ smoker. Just passing by this place is bound to make your mouth water.

Find at: Glastonbury

smokestak bbq street food
Smokestak gives you the ultimate BBQ food
Photo Credit: Huffington Post

On That Note

Street food and festivals go hand-in-hand, so knowing a few before you go is ideal. You'll save time traipsing round deciding on what you fancy eating as these will already be calling your name! So whether you're after some vegan grub, something sweet or some good old BBQ food, there's going to be plenty of options available.


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