5 Tips To Start Your Own Festival with Hideout 2016

5 Tips To Start Your Own Festival with Hideout 2016

We chat with director of Hideout Festival, Mark Newton, on how he got started in his career, his style inspirations, and the back stage workings of Hideout.

Festivals don't just appear out of the ground, fully formed, with a great reputation and top bands playing for them. Often it's a slow progression from a small time gig that grows from word of mouth, the right up and coming bands, and of course, good management. One of the biggest festivals we're looking forward to is Hideout, which has some of the biggest names in music playing there, such as;

The Martinez Brothers, Joris Voorn, John Talabot, Alan Fitzpatrick, Jamie xx, Skepta, MK,  J.E.S.u.S and more.

On top of its great music selection, Hideout festival goers are treated to the beautiful surroundings of Zrce Beach in Croatia where they're able to listen to their favourite bands on a new 'Noa' stage that stretches right out into the sea.

With Hideout's 2016 festival quickly approaching we managed to get its director Mark Newton to share how he started in his career, behind the scenes info on Hideout, and advice for someone starting a career in events.

How did you first get into putting on your own events?

I started to get into electronic music and clubbing when I was around 14 years old, sneaking out to gigs, buying records etc. I tried to get a part time job working for other promoters but no one would give me a job because I was too young, so started doing my own events instead!

Hideout Festival

Can you tell us a little about the team that work on Hideout with you?

The Hideout team is split between our Leeds and London offices. Leeds is focused on event management, production and artist liaison, whereas all our marketing and artist bookings take place in London. We’ve got around 10 full time staff and then other part time and volunteer staff that come and work for us at the event itself, along with our Croatian partners who deal with all our customer travel and accommodation on Zrce.

Biggest challenge you come across when putting on your events?

We’re quite lucky to be honest as we have a great relationship with our partners and the authorities in Croatia. Also having held the event for the past five years all our staff know what to expect, so everything tends to go fairly smoothly for us.



What advice would you have for someone looking to start a career in events?

Do as many internships as you possibly can, experience is everything in the music industry, so even if they’re for free, to have them on your portfolio is definitely worthwhile.

What event would you look to if you were to say “this is how you put on an event properly”?

Glastonbury. That place amazes me every time I go there. How they manage to organise that many people and staff year on year is beyond me!



Your key elements to putting on a successful event?

Make sure everyone has a good time and that will serve you well. Your audience first and foremost, but artists, staff etc too, as if people enjoy themselves at an event they’ll come back time and time again.

How does your career affect the way you dress?

As I’m constantly working between meetings and events, so I'm out both day and night, I tend to dress smart casual. I can’t really turn up in to work in suits as it’s just not done in this industry, but at the same time I’ve got to be smart enough to be taken seriously!

Hideout Festival


Where do you get style inspiration from?

Everywhere really, friends, online, in press, and I trust in brands that I wear regularly like Paul Smith, Folk, APC, Farah to always release new season’s clothes that I’m into.

What advice would you have to someone who is having difficulty developing their own style?

Take inspiration from things that you see and like, but put your own twist on things so you don’t just look like you’re directly ripping other peoples style off.

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