5 Signs You're More Vain Than She Is


The big question - are men or women more vain? In today's Instagram-obsessed society, everyone's ready to get that good angle and best lighting so the likes come flooding in. But how vain actually are we? And how do we know if we're too vain? Us Idle Women have therefore put together five signs that'll tell you if you're more vain than she is.

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Being vain is a trait that most of us have. For some it may be subtle, others it's a good healthy amount of self love. And for the rest, it's a bit over the top. Do men now focus more on how they look than women do? In a way, us Idle Women think they do, and we're kind of happy about this. Why? Because you're looking after your appearance. You want to look good, and that's a good sign, right? However, there is a fine line between a healthy amount of vain and being too vain. You don't really want to cross this, because being too vain isn't one of the best traits, is it?

So, are men vain? Well, as hard as it is to admit, most of us are. Men, Women, everyone - we're all concerned about what we look like, what we do and how people see us. As men's vanity is on the rise, guys are starting to become more concerned about their appearance, almost beating the girls in the amount of mirror checks they make a day. But with today's photo obsessed society, what does being vain mean? Is it simply that you're proud of how you look, or is it that you're obsessed with talking about yourself and bragging about how much better you are? There's a different definition of being vain for every person, so we've put together a guide that'll help you figure out if you're more vain than she is and whether you've hit the vain peak.

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You Spend More Time Getting Ready Than She Does

You may moan that us girls take hours to get ready - our hair and makeup, the tan and outfit. But in case you didn't know, beauty takes time and that's exactly what we're doing, we're taking our time. We've got to get it all right after all. Everyone knows that appearance is key, so when you guys take just as long deciding what to wear, doing your hair and spraying your cologne, are we really going to moan? Well, yes, probably, but we get it. To some extent anyway.

We understand that you want to look your best for us, but seriously, if you take longer to get ready than we do, there's something wrong with the dynamic. Vain men will try on all the outfits until they revert back to the original choice because that always seems to be the best. They'll spend half an hour blow drying and brushing their hair to then add a load of product to it so it stays in place. And now after an hour of getting ready, you've got to decide on your shoes. These are important so you can't rush it. But let's be real here. We all know a guy that takes hours to get ready, and if you don't, it's probably you. And you my friend, may be on the cusp of being too vain.

You Have More Products Than Us

The bathroom cabinet is a sacred thing. It's full of lotions, potions and beauty products that us girls claim to use all the time. In reality, we don't even use half of them - they've just caught our eye and we got sucked into buying them. However, recently you've been doing the same thing. You've started to push our things out and replace them with your new grooming finds. A new moisturiser, a toner, the eye cream that claims to brighten your eyes in just two days. It's filling up, and it's filling up fast.

If this is happening, again, you may be too vain. Do you need that many products? Probably not. An overfilled grooming collection may be one of the many clichés about being vain, but it's kind of true, isn't it? 

You're Always Catching Your Reflection

A mirror, a glass door or even a car window - if you're walking past something that looks back at you, you are definitely checking yourself out. It's a force of habit and no matter how hard you try not to, you just have to look at yourself. If this is happening then this is one of the biggest examples of being vain or narcissistic. You just can't help yourself. The vain man will always be looking for a reflection because you've just got to see how you look. We feel you - us Idle Women love a mirror and a lot of people also do, so you're not alone. But sometimes it can get a bit excessive.

When you take a detour just so you pass that good shop with the reflective windows or make too many trips to the toilet just so you can look in the mirror, this is when you know you may be getting too vain for your own good. Relax a bit, you still look as good as you did five minutes ago.

Wolf of Wall street had Leonardo's character acting overly vain
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You Revert the Conversation Back to You

When you're talking to a vain man, the conversation will start with the football score and then somehow, two minutes later, you'll be talking about his new car and how he went to the gym five times last week. You don't know how it happened, or even when it happened, but every time you talk, it's all about him. He may not be loud and overpowering but he's good at swerving the convo to something he likes talking about. Himself, usually. It's not an awful trait, but if it happens all the time then I'm afraid it is.

This one works both ways - there's nothing worse than a girl who just talks about herself, either. A conversation is a two way thing, so try and keep it that way. Because if you can't, you may be more vain than you think you are.

You're Always Bragging About Something

Everyone likes to show off but no one likes a show off. If you're always trying to get one up on the other person in a conversation, you are probably sounding way more vain than you think you are. Life's not a competition so you don't always have to try and win. If you have a better car, bigger muscles or a higher paid job, the yes, we're happy for you, but stop bragging about it every five minutes. It can get boring and you may start to wonder why your friends and girls are dropping like flies. It'll be because you sound vain A F. Not really cool, I'm sorry.

And it's not just bragging about all the materialistic stuff that people don't really like. It's also the name-dropping. Slipping names into conversations just so you can show who you know isn't realistically going to change someones opinion on you or make them think you're better. It can get boring to listen to, so one of the first steps in knowing how to stop being vain is to ask about other people and try and stop talking about you and who you know.

But Is Being Vain Bad?

Even though these five points can be annoying, they're only really annoying when they are done excessively. As much as we slate it, there could actually be some perks of being vain. Confused because we've basically just shut down the whole vain thing? Well, there are small ways to know how to love yourself without being vain, and if we're honest, little parts of all these points contribute to that. It's like anything really - it's all good in small doses. So can being vain be good? To some extend yes, we think so, but if you're doing any of the above five to the extreme, you are definitely more vain than she is and you should take a step back.

Confidence is key, but are you too vain?

On That Note

We circle back to the original question - are men more vain than women? Our Idle women answer is a yes and a no. If you're taking over the bathroom with new grooming products then maybe you are. If you keep checking out your guns every ten minutes then vain may be your middle name. But in some ways we think that being vain is good. A sense of self-love and confidence. This is always good, just make sure you're not going over the top.


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