5 Reasons To Start Eating Insects

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Ever considered eating bugs and insects or does the thought of it make you gag a little? Here's five reasons why you should start eating insects. 

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When you’re cooking up a slab of steak or chowing down on some chicken wings, do you ever consider the amount of resources that went into the rearing of that cow or chicken before it made its way into the supermarket? It’s probably never crossed your mind, and to be honest, its never crossed ours either. But if you knew it takes 10kg of feed for 1kg of beef then maybe you’d start thinking about more efficient food sources. ‘And what do you suppose they are?’ you ask. INSECTS! Yes. Insects. We know, just hear us out…

When insects are such a popular foodstuff in Asia and South America - over 2 billion people eat them on a daily basis - why haven’t we incorporated them into our diets yet? Well, that’s probably due to the fact most people relate eating insects to Z-list celebrity TV shows set in jungles. However, tasty and edible insect vendors, Grub, are on a mission to change the way we think about eating insects and to educate us on their nutritional benefits, while being an important and sustainable food source for the future. (Check the links at the end of the post for more info)

So with the price of meat rocketing, the quality plummeting and our land and natural resources under more pressure than ever, we give you 5 reasons why we need to start ditching the buffalo wings and opting for the buffalo worms instead.

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1 - By swapping your usual packet of dry roasted peanuts for some soy sauce roasted crickets, you've got a snack that's both tasty and nutritious and ultimately you'll feel less guilty about ordering another pint.

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2 - Insects can be farmed on a large scale without harming the environment, as well as in small environments like on your kitchen worktop. Now that's definitely a surefire way to be a hit with your housemates!

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3 - They're naturally sustainable - feeding off organic waste, unlike the majority of our usual protein sources such as cows, which also happen to produce similar levels of methane gas to a car.

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4 - Still gagging on that post-gym protein shake? Go for a handful of insects instead, which gram for gram, contain more protein than our usual sources, as well as being high in calcium and iron.

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5 - People around the world have been eating insects for years and they're now a prominent fixture in their diets. With over 1,900 different edible species of insects we probably need to just man up and get with the programme.


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