4 Best Summer Gadgets

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Perhaps you're off on your summer holiday, or perhaps you're just enjoying the summer at home. Either way, chances are likely the you will be away from your plug points and soaking up the sun outside. With that in here's our pick of the top wireless and portable must have gadgets for you this summer.

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You're probably jetting off on holiday over the next few months and chances are it will be to somewhere hot where you will want to spend the majority of your time outside. If that is the case, then you won't be near a power supply, which inevitably means you'll soon be running on empty when it comes to your gadgets. We think it's essential that you get your hands on some of the best summer holiday-ready gadgets out there, with portable speakers, portable chargers and wireless headphones ensuring you won't need to run off to charge your gear.

Bowers & Wilkins Headphones

Bowers & Wilkins do some of the best headphones on the market. Known for their excellent sound and comfort, they are one of the coolest tech gadgets out there and have been developed and developed time and time again over the years to ensure the best listening for users.

Bowers & Wilkins ensure that you have the best sound going into your ears, and this is made even better by noise-cancelling technology. So you can basically these noise cancelling headphones guarantee that when you're sat on the plane next to that person with the crying baby, you won't actually hear them and can enjoy your music in peace. Impeccable design combined with sumptuous leather padding means that all other noise is literally cancelled out.

bowers and wilkins headphones wireless
Bowers & Wilkins wireless headphones


The headphones are also wireless. Bowers & Wilkins pride themselves on saying that they may have taken away the wires but they haven't taken away the sound. This is true. The wireless headphones incorporate Bluetooth technology into their design, meaning you won't have to worry about hanging wires. Why is this a problem? Ever walked through an airport and listened to music and suddenly had to get your passport out but you've got wires hanging down everywhere? Yeah that's why it's a good thing. Wireless headphones can easily be taken off and slipped into your bag.

Bowers & Wilkins wireless headphones also incorporate hi-fi listening, which is the same as the technology used in the brand's loud speakers. So essentially you are guaranteed the best listening experience in headphones - perfect for the plane and releasing by a pool this summer.

Mobile Phone USB Fan

Nothin can be more useful on holiday than a fan, especially if you are prone to finding the heat difficult to bare (that's if you're going to a hot country this summer that is). With that in mind, invest in a fan that will plug into your phone. It relies on your phone battery (which may be an issue if you're an avid user of your device), but once you've got once running you won't be thinking about your battery as it will be a God-send. A USB fan is one of the new summer gadgets that should be on your list for purchasing and chucking into your bag.

That said, it's also one of the best travel gadgets for backpackers - heading to somewhere like India? This will be perfect for the climate over there and extremely lightweight. Trust us this should be one of your essential travel accessories. Just make sure you've got your phone charger sorted and you're good to go.

portable phone fan usb


Portable Speaker

If you're off to a poolside retreat, chances are you'll be spending the majority of your days exactly there, by the pool. Similarly you may be lounging on the beach. Either way, you will not be near any plug sockets and this is when you'll need a portable speaker. Portable speakers are now easy to come by and are essential travel accessories. The best portable speakers come from brands likes Bowers & Wilkins, Bose and Sony. The best thing about portable speakers from these brands is that you can carry your music around with you whilst knowing that you aren't compromising on music quality.

Bowers & Wilkins do some of the best on the market, with Bluetooth technology meaning you can connect your phone to them quickly and efficiently. The other great thing about Bowers & Wilkins portable speakers is that they are lightweight and of a decent size, making them one of the best summer gadgets you can get your hands on for your holidaying this year.

So make sure a portable speaker is on your list of travel gadgets to get! Just when you do, make sure you get a portable bluetooth speaker as otherwise it will be useless if you want to connect your phone (unless it has an Auxiliary cable that is).

bowers & wilkins portable speakers
Bowers & Wilkins portable speakers


Portable Charger

It goes without saying that a portable charger is an absolute necessity in everyday life now. With all the apps that are up and running and constant notifications from Instagram and Facebook, phones just can't keep up and batteries unfortunately take the brunt of the fall. Remember when you had a Nokia and the battery would last 5 days? Now you'd be lucky if yours lasted 5 hours (unless you don't touch your phone that is - maybe then you'll have an extra few). This is where a portable charger comes into play. They're lightweight, easy to carry round and small enough to slot into a front pocket on a backpack.

There are loads on the market and here are some of the best portable chargers out there. For a slim design we recommend looking to Iceworks. Also Poweradd do great ones. For portable chargers with a lot of ports (for charging your friends' phones if you're kind), look at labels like MAXOAK and Qi-Infinity who offer up to six charging ports.

That said, these chargers are a little heavier and bulkier, so perhaps not suitable for the backpacker. Brands like Anker and iMuto provide chargers that are great for capacity. The iMuto large capacity charger has 3 ports and 30,000m Ah capacity so there's no chance of it running flat and you not being able to check your Google Maps while out and about.

imuto portable phones charger
iMuto portable charger


4 Best Summer Gadgets

  • Packing for a holiday will be easier with lightweight and portable devices - there are plenty on the market designed exactly for this so whether you're backpacking or simply taking a weekend break away, these are for you.
  • Invest in a decent pair of wireless headphones from a brand like Bowers & Wilkins - you can ensure high quality listening without any of the fuss of wires.
  • A fan that can plug into your iPhone will be a godsend when you trek to a foreign country where the climate is a lot warmer than in England!
  • A portable speaker is a necessity if you want to sit back and listen to laid-back tunes by the pool on your holiday this summer.
  • Even if you're just staying in England a portable charger is an absolute must - phones round out of battery rapidly these days.

portable speaker by pool
A portable speaker by a swimming pool

On That Note

With all of that said, the four major summer essential gadgets you need when holidaying this year are pretty simple. Invest in a good quality pair of wireless headphones, a portable charge for your phone and other devices, a portable speaker and a phone-ready fan. With these four items take into account size and weight - you won't want to be lugging round anything bulky or heavy as chances are you'll just leave them in your hotel room!



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