24 Hours With Mi-Pac's Head Designer


Behind every great Mi-Pac piece is a team of designers working hard to bring fresh prints, collaborations and styles to keep your luggage game at the top level. To get a little glimpse inside a designer's life and to see how the design process works behind the scenes, we spent 24 hours with Mi-Pac's head designer to see what they get up to on a day-to-day basis.

Not only have we been given this exclusive access but they've also let us into a few secrets about their upcoming projects so pay close attention for the inside scoop.

How does your morning start before you head off to Mi-Pac HQ?

It’s an early start for me so up at 6am and force myself to go to the gym, grab a quick coffee at the Ace Hotel and in the office for 8am

What's the first activity that needs doing when you get to work?

Mi-Pac has a global reach so I get lots of emails overnight that need responding to. Some of our distribution partners are working eight hours ahead so early Skype calls are a necessity.


From the Mi-Pac Design Desk
From the Mi-Pac Design Desk


Where do you get most of your inspiration from for your collections?

We are constantly studying trends as we like to be first to market in the fast fashion world we live in. I also have a crippling weakness for luxury product so I'm always looking to try and bring their special touches down into our price range.

Where can we find you most of the day?

Depends on where we are in the season, right now we are putting the finishing touches to AW16 so lots of design/product meetings, signing off samples and arranging photo shoots. During selling season I attend all of the tradeshows and visit our top customers (Idle Man included!).


From the Mi-Pac Design Desk
From the Mi-Pac Design Desk


What do we need to be looking out for in the Mi-Pac AW15 collection?

For AW15 we put a real focus on tech fabrics so lots of mesh, neoprene and sporty perforated faux leather. Bright geometric prints are seen over our Gold Range products to add some colour to the winter months.

What's your favourite piece from the AW15 collection?

The Black Neoprene Dot Backpack (available at The Idle Man). This super heavyweight, neoprene fabric is covered in a coating of PU dots that contrast with the matt finish, I personally love it.


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What are the aims for SS16? Any more exciting collaborations?

For SS16 we are continuing to work with Liberty and are now on the fourth season of the partnership. They have been incredible to work with and allowed us access to their extensive archive of prints that date back over 100 years.

We have also worked with graphic artist and creative director Kate Moross. Kate’s prints are so Mi-Pac and she has worked with Nike, American Express and London Underground in recent years… she is also the art director for One Direction and has been on tour with them this year.


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