24 Hours With Budvar's Beer Specialist

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This week (7th October) the Budweiser Budvar Brewery, universally regarded as one of the world’s great lager conditioned beers, celebrated another milestone 
in its long history — its 120th anniversary. As official sponsors of our AW15 collection launch party, Budvar are a huge favourite at Idle HQ. So, to celebrate our partnership and Budvar’s 120th Anniversary, we caught up with their beer quality control specialist, Petr Košin, for a day and get a glimpse into the world behind the scenes of the Budvar brewery.

Petr has worked for the Czech brewer since 2006 from laboratory technician to researcher in the quality assurance so he's the go-to man for knowing what makes a good beer and what you should be looking out for.


Petr with the locally-grown Saaz hops, ranked among the best in the world.


What's the first thing that needs doing when you get into the Budweiser Budvar brewery?

Control fermentation experiments from research that ran through the night. 9 a.m. is the usual time for beer degustation - taste buds are in the best condition in the morning.

Where can we find you most of the day?

In the laboratory setting and controlling experiments or calculating and typing results.


The Budvar Cellars


What should you look out for when trying a beer?

It depends on the style of beer. Beer should fit to its category, but generally the majority of beer quality can be recognised from the appearance of the beer. For example, pale lager should be clear and light in colour, if there are amber tones in the colour, you can expect caramel malt in the beer which, for pale lager, means a harsh burned off-taste and lower drinkability. Another important aspect is the smell of the beer: if there is a stale butter in the smell, the beer probably wasn't fermented for long enough. The last thing to judge is the taste, which you cannot compare to anything like you usually do with vine – the lager should simply taste like a lager.

What's your favourite beer?

If there was a beer I would choose to drink for the rest of my life and I wasn't allowed to drink anything else, it would be Budweiser Budvar B:Original. It is a beer with the highest drinkability I have ever tasted. If I could only choose one brand, then all of the Budvar products have their occasion for me.

How would you enjoy a Budvar? 

At the weekend, a B:Original on a roof terrace - nothing beats it.


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