10 Reasons You Should Grow a Beard from Dating App Bristlr


Ever caught glimpse of your bedraggled morning self in the mirror, about to go through with the daily shaving when a little voice cries out in your head ‘don’t do it!’. You, my friend, are thinking of growing a beard.

Us folks here at Bristlr are all about the beard-loving – and we’re not the only ones (84k+ users and growing!) – which is why there really isn’t anyone better than us to pass on these ten very good reasons why you really should just let it grow.

  1. It’s a Conversation Starter

Thinking of growing your facial fuzz? Well, you’re about to enter a not-so-secret society of beard-growers and those that love them - and the possibilities for conversations are endless. At parties, you’ll have something new to talk about, sure, but you’ll also find fellow growers and beard fans approaching you with genuine interest.

How long have you been growing your beard? What products do you use? Did you have that itchy phase too? And of course, our favourite: can I stroke your beard? So many great conversations are going to come from your new facial addition that you may even find it becomes a hobby.

  1. Beards are Kind to Your Skin

Living in our modern world means we’re exposed to pollutants, dust and more UV light than our skin likes. However, a study at the University of South Queensland showed that 95% of UV rays are actually blocked by beards. Not only is this reducing the risk of skin cancer, it’s also keeping your skin youthful for longer. And of course, if you’re prone to spots, you’ll be benefitting from some beardy-coverage, hiding those zits and helping to keep your skin clean, healthy and spot free. Win-win really.

  1. No More Bleeding the Bank (or Your Face)

Let’s not beat around the bush here (pun absolutely intended): razors and shaving products are expensive; beard maintenance essentials are most often not, and they last a lot longer. It makes financial sense to ditch the shaving – and you can say goodbye to choosing between bankruptcy or butchering your own face to save a few quid.

Image Credit: Bristlr
Photo Credit: Bristlr

  1. Wear Your Personality on Your Face

Many people express themselves through their fashion choices or the hair on their head – but it’s not for everyone. Instead, you can find a creative outlook for your self-expression in a beard (seriously: Google ‘Beard Art’ and be amazed). In turn, you’ll find greater confidence and freedom. Go get ‘em!

  1. People Really Love Beards

Remember when uniform dating was a big thing? Well, now people really want beards – Bristlr is evidence of that. The ‘Tinder for Beards’ (CNBC said it) has so far made a quarter of a million connections between the 84,000+ users looking for their ideal beard-loving partner. So let it grow, join Bristlr and feel the love!

  1. Beards are #Trending

If you’re one to follow trends, you’ll know that beards are most definitely in. Sorry David Tenant fans, but Geek Chic is out – and now it’s all about sporting the best beard. From the catwalks of Milan to our favourite bars, it’s difficult to not notice the most popular new trend.

Image Credit: Bristlr
Photo Credit: Bristlr

  1. It’s a Natural Winter Warmer

Don’t fancy wrapping up this winter? You can safely ditch the scarf with your facial sweater keeping you warm instead. And don’t worry about dry lips or skin if that’s the bane of you colder months –bristles will keep skin safe from cold air damage by providing a face nest.

  1. The Chance to Reinvent Yourself

First time growing a beard? Then you’re getting a chance to jump out of your comfort zone and really reinvent yourself. Although your style may change as a result, it’s not a requirement, and you’ll find that growing a beard is a lot more affordable way to bring out the new you. Who will you be?

  1. It’s All in the Science

Now for a little science lesson. Did you know that beards can help with allergies? Just as your nose hairs keep unwanted nasties out of the sinuses, beards act as a kind of facial filtration system, trapping dust and allergens, so you can breathe easy, bearded brethren.

Image Credit: sfweekly.com
Photo Credit: SF Weekly

  1. Why the Hell Not?

This is a question you really have to ask yourself. Growing a beard is most definitely not like getting a tattoo – if you find a beard isn’t right for you, it’s easy enough to tame or re-style entirely; you’ll also find that employers are far more accepting of facial hair than you might think – as long as it’s not unkempt. And when we say it’s like a tattoo, we mean it’s not permanent, but trust us: you definitely won’t want to shave it off. Ever.

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