8 Gifts Every Man Will Want for Christmas 2017

8 Gifts Every Man Will Want for Christmas 2017

With Christmas coming around quicker than you can down your first pint at the office party, what do you really want when it comes to presents? You may feel a bit old to write your own Christmas list, so we've therefore taken one for the team and composed a list of the top ten gifts every guy will want this festive season.

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Presents and Christmas lists are purely for kids right? Wrong. Just because you've moved out and feel like you're too old to pass your mum and dad a well written and polite Christmas list doesn't mean you can't ask for things you actually want. Everyone needs some kind of treat every now and again, and when Christmas rolls around, it's the best time to get out the pen and paper, or just the notes on your phone, and start to think about what gifts you actually want. And as we've always said, gifts are for life, not just for Christmas.


Obviously this is the first on the list. Maybe getting socks in your stockings when you were younger was a bit of a disappointment, but now the thought of getting a fresh pair of socks actually bring us some joy. A new pair of socks gives you that fresh bed sheets feeling - they're are up there with running water and flushing toilets, especially good quality warm ones. One of our favourites are the Anonymous Ism selection.

The crew socks have a ribbed top and are made with 100% wool, meaning they basically feel like a hug for your feet. The chunky sock has one of the best qualities around and if you're into coloured and slightly patterned pairs then these will be perfect. Ideal to wear under any pair of boots during the Autumn and Winter, the socks will be a pleasure to open when you start to unwrap your presents.

Anonymous Ism socks will be the ideal stocking filler


No man can ever have too many watches. You may have your favourite and you may have only a certain style you like but a watch is a big accessory for a guy. You can get them in so many styles and colours, why wouldn't you want to keep expanding the collection? Mix up the strap colours from a clean, fresh white to a deep, dark green. Not only can the straps be unique but there are also now so many face designs available, you'll have endless possibilities.

Larsson & Jennings have a selection of watches for all season,s so if you want one suitable for the hotter months then a lighter colour will always work best. If you, like us, are currently looking for the best winter styled watch then we may have found one to suit that exact specification. A deep green watch or matte black colour by the brand will add to your New Years outfit and will be a great gift for any guy.

Keep adding to your watch collection with this Larsson & Jennings watch


This may not specifically be a Christmas gift essential, but investing in a good overnight bag is always a good idea no matter what time of the year it is. So why not put the present giving to use and decide on a sturdy, practical and above all good looking bag. You'll always need something big enough to fit all your stuff in, and small enough to comfortably fit into the hand luggage carriers on a plane. It's a wardrobe staple for a guy, so choosing the right one for you is important.

The Idle Man have a good selection available, with our favourites being a leather option in either black or brown. Leather is a practical material that's not only feel and look durable but it can be easily kept clean. A quick wipe over and you can remove most marks and spillages, making it an ideal material for something that will be travelling around with you on your New Year adventures.

The Idle Man overnight bag

Bottle Opener

This may sound like a weird suggestion and something you wouldn't think about asking for but, there is some logic behind this choice. You're guys, so at some point in your life you're going to need to open a bottle of beer or something similar, so why when you're the host wouldn't you have a bottle opener. Even if you do have one, if it's one you got in a cracker a few years ago, that doesn't count. You need to equip your man cave with the right stuff and a bottle opener is one of these essentials.

HAY has a design element that'll make your home feel contemporary and suitable for modern living. The minimalist and sophisticated manufacturing makes sure each and every product has that unique and stylish feel that you, as the consumer, will want to add to your home. Striving for great design, HAY products are what you should fill your home with.


HAY have sophisticated and modern designs that'll freshen you your home


When it comes to clothing, sometimes choosing your own styles is the best and only way. But sometimes, clothes are actually all you really want for Christmas. So instead of letting your mum, brother or uncle choose an embarrassing, unfashionable jumper for you, you can hint or even better, go out shopping with them to choose your own. However, no one can go wrong with a simple crew neck knit jumper. And whether you want grey, black or burgundy, it's always best to stick to basic colours if asking for it as a gift.

The Idle Man collection of jumpers are the best basics you'll be able to get your hands on this season. If you're after something that'll last you through the next few seasons, then keep things basic and from a neutral colour palette so you won't be awkwardly opening up clothing that's so very not you. Your nan may think a orange and green patterned jumper is 'cute', but are you really going to wear that other than on the day?

The Idle Man Navy Crew Neck Jumper


Much like the socks, underwear as a kid? That's quite a boring present, but as an adult? Well that's a whole new story. Fresh, clean and with no holes in. A new set of pants will be a present you'll actually be grateful for, so why not add it to your list. Whether you're a boxers, trunks or briefs kind of guy, you may as well embrace this as the perfect pant giving season.

Our favourites are of course the Calvin Klein selection, as you can't really go wrong with a pair of Calvin's. White and black may be your basics, but it's Christmas so why not go for a bit of colour. Packs of red, white and blue's or ones with a coloured waist band will be a good gift to stuff into any man's stocking. And, hopefully, the fresh, stylish pair will be appreciated a lot more than that jokey pair you get every year from your weird uncle that only seems to appear at Christmas.

You can't ever go wrong with a pair of Calvin's


Another top gift to add to your list is a decent shaving set. You may have got one last year but has your razor got fairly blunt? Is it cutting the skin and not really doing much? It may therefore be a sign to re-add it to the list. A new sharp blade and a soft shaving brush seems to be something that most guys forget about renewing. You can't use the same one forever and if you're like the majority, just because you've already got one, why would you need to buy a new one yourself. However when it's a present, it's a different story.

Murdock are one of the UK's leading manufacturers for all things shave related. So if you need a new razor, shaving cream or brush, you can be sure that these are one of the best. As well as being of a good quality, the products will last you a lot longer than your standard super market bought set. So get stuck in and aim to enter the New Year with a well shaven and trimmed beard.

Murdock do a good selection of shaving essentials


Very much a personal choice, but it's something that should be on any guys Christmas list. You can't really have too much cologne, but you can wear too much cologne, so remember that tip! Alternating smells depending on the event can be interesting, you can smell according to the occasion. Mixing it up will give you an edge and you won't be that guy that just always smells the same no matter if it's day or night.

If you're stuck on what scent you want to wear next, then a good gift set of selected fragrances are always on offer around the festive period. Because it's Christmas, a lot of brands and fragrances are grouped into festive packs. One that we love is the Unite three pack collection. This has three of their premium colognes in one gift; City, Coast and Country. Each one has a subtle and sophisticated smell and will be suitable for all your cologne needs (if that's even a thing).

unite three pack cologne collection
Unite three pack collection; City, Coast, Country

On That Note

If you're feeling stuck on what to ask for, hopefully this list will give you some kind of starting point. It may not be overly exciting to most, but when life gives you lemons, you may as well abuse the Christmas gift giving tradition for something more worthwhile than a box of chocolates you'll immediately regret after eating the entire box.


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