Why Turmeric is Great for Your Skin

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Turmeric has been known as a great anti-oxidant and treatment for bad skin for centuries. It's a natural, bright yellow spice that's related to ginger. It contains curcumin - a bioactive component that gives it it's health benefits. 

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Turmeric has been used for skin care for hundreds of years. It's well known to have healing properties and cosmetic benefits. It can be applied to the skin to experience natural benefits, turmeric facial masks are a favourite. In this article we'll talk you through some of turmeric's skin benefits and how to apply it to your skin.

Is Turmeric Good for Skin?

This question has already pretty much been answered, but yes, turmeric is great for your skin. It can have so many benefits and bring back that natural "glow" that gets lost through tiredness and stress all too often. It can also heal wounds, for example small cuts on your face or scars from acne and so on. If you suffer from skin conditions such as dry skin or dermatitis it can also have great healing properties here. In short, it's a bit of a wonder treatment for pretty much any skin condition due to it's natural healing ability.


Turmeric powder
Turmeric powder is bright yellow in colour
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Turmeric Powder for Skin

Turmeric's natural form is a spice like ginger, and it comes in a similar appearance. One of the most popular ways of applying it to the skin is to grind it into a powder, and gently apply it to the face. Another popular method is creating a turmeric paste for skin using the aforementioned powder and mixing it with something like natural yoghurt. This is like a less intense facial mask and does the same job, the skin will absorb it naturally. There are endless turmeric recipes for skin that you can find with one search online, and all can be made with simple ingredients you probably have laying around the house anyway.


Turmeric face mask recipe
The turmeric power can be made into a paste for your skin
PHOTO CREDIT: Cassie Davies




Turmeric for Skin Conditions

As mentioned previously, turmeric contains natural healing agents. This is due to one of it's active components curcumin, which is bioactive. It has natural anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Therefore, if you suffer from skin conditions on your face which can be particularly unpleasant, then turmeric may well be an ailment that you want to try. It will calm your condition, relieve the pain and discomfort, and hopefully in time maybe even cure you from the condition.

Turmeric Side Effects

Turmeric is a great agent to use for skin whitening or skin care, but, like anything you must be aware of potential risks. Luckily, there aren't many associated with turmeric. However, first off you must be clued up to the fact that it has a very low bioavailability. What this means is that your metabolism burns it off very quickly, and your body absorbs it. Therefore, avoid taking too much at once just in case you react to it. If this was to happen, contact your doctor immediately. Also, like any new skin product or treatment, if you've never used it before you should test it on a small surface area on your forearm. This is just to prevent any risk of unknown allergies or reactions. If this goes to plan and there is no reaction, continue and use turmeric as instructed.


Turmeric in grinding bowl
Mix your turmeric powder into a moisturiser or create your own face mask
PHOTO CREDIT: The Independent




Why Turmeric is Great for Your Skin

  • Turmeric is a completely natural source, it therefore avoids any nasty chemicals or fragrances.
  • The power contains bioactive components which carry unique healing properties which can benefit most skin types.
  • Turmeric can replenish your skin's natural glow which is often lost through fatigue and stress, meaning this will help brighten and awaken your skin.
  • This health benefit can be applied in so many different ways, with thousands of recipes available online so its time to find the best one for you.


turmeric capsules
Turmeric capsules are one of the easiest ways to take the supplement


On That Note

If you're suffering from an irritating skin condition, or simply feel that your skin is lacking the life it used to have, why not give turmeric a try? It's inexpensive, readily available and can be applied in hundreds of different ways. There are little risks involved and plenty of benefits. It's also completely natural so you need not worry about anything nasty and artificial causing further damage to your precious skin.


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