What To Pack In Your Gym Wash Bag

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A wash bag is essential for after a heavy workout in the gym. Unless you want to leave the gym hot and bothered, a shower afterwards is heavily recommended. A small washbag containing your hygiene essentials makes a huge difference to this experience. Here we'll go through what yours should contain.

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So you've just finished your vigorous workout routine. You're left feeling energised, ready to face anything and healthy. The only problem is you're left feeling a little sweaty and unclean. Taking a shower after the gym is an extremely enjoyable experience.

With a well packed gym shower bag, you can leave feeling even more refreshed and ready to take on anything. There's some essentials that you want to have on you at all times for the perfect shower.


Washbag for Men


Choosing Your Wash Bag

Before you start thinking about the contents of your shower bag for the gym, it's essential to choose the right wash bag for you. Think about size, if you're someone who uses a lot of hygiene products make sure you select one with enough room for your products, a lot of wash bags are annoyingly small. Another thing to consider is if you're taking out big bottles of shampoo and other product, you don't want them leaking all over the other stuff in your bag.

We stock many different styles and varieties of wash bags, so if you're looking for a new addition to your gym essentials kit, or the best gym bag for men we're sure to have something.



Wash Bag Contents

When it comes to what to take to the gym in your wash bag, keep it simple. There's a few essentials that you need and you don't want to be lugging around unnecessary weight. Some men are hugely into their grooming products and use a lot, others not so much. There's a massive range of products on the market, all tailored for different types of men, with different types of skin or hair. The first thing to do is work out what products are suited to you.


Mens Washbag Kit


For Your Hair

Washing your hair after a workout is always necessary, you've probably sweated a lot during the process and you want to leave feeling fresh rather than clammy. Shampooing and conditioning your hair thoroughly should do the job. We stock a large range of luxury shampoos and conditioners for men that'll do a much better job than your average brand you can buy in any high street store.



For Your Skin

Skincare should also be high on your list of priorities when it comes to male grooming. Keeping healthy skin is essential to avoid dryness or spots. During a workout sweating a lot can damage your skin as well as dehydrate it. An effective moisturiser is the best option to keep you looking fit and healthy. There's a lot of brands out there, and they're all pretty much the same. Try to avoid scented moisturisers as well if you have sensitive skin as these can irritate it.


Mens Moisturiser


For Your Eyes

It's a well known fact that the skin on your eyelids is four times thinner than anywhere else in your body, so it's essential you take care of them well. The bets thing for this is a designated eye cream. They're common and you can pick them up from most high-street stores. We also stock a variety of eye-gels and facial scrubs that will do the job more than well.




After you've got yourself feeling fresh again, the next step is to make sure you're smelling good. This is a simple task that a lot of men seem to overlook, and I'm not really sure why. Smelling good is sure to impress others and keep you feeling good about yourself too. The world of fragrance is quite frankly enormous, it can be a struggle knowing where to start. We stock a variety of different fragrances, that all smell enticing and fresh - just what you want.


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What To Pack In Your Gym Wash Bag

  • Make sure you select your wash bag carefully as this is the most important part, you want enough room for your things.
  • Choose a good quality shampoo and conditioner, hair is important.
  • Moisturiser and eye cream is advised, taking care of your skin prevents blemishes and ageing.
  • Always have a good smelling fragrance with you at all times, the gym can leave some unsavoury smells behind.
  • Choose the best men's toiletry bag for you.


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On That Note

Hopefully this guide has helped you pack a shower bag for the gym with everything you need after a solid gym session. You don't really need to bring a lot, just the essentials and you're good to go. Taking a good shower after a gym session will allow you to go to the gym at any time of the day, and then continue going about your business afterwards, therefore if you're going to do it, do it right.


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