What Is Toner And How To Use It

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Toner is something that men often leave out of their skincare, but it could be the answer to better skin. Read on to learn what toner actually is and how it could benefit your skin.

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What Is Facial Toner?

To those uninitiated to skincare, the amount of products on the market can seem staggering, and many of them unnecessary. You may find yourself wondering, what is a toner for the skin? And do I really need to use it? So, let us break down what exactly toner is and what is does to cut through the confusion.

In terms of how it fits into your skincare routine, toner is used as part of a three-step system: cleanse, tone, and moisturise. In essence, a toner is a type of lotion or liquid designed to cleanse the skin and shrink the appearance of pores, usually used on the face. Men's toner comes in several different forms and consistencies. You may be wondering is toner necessary - and the answer is no, it's not overly necessary, but if you add it to your routine your skin will look that much better.

Whatever the exact product is, a skin toner for men can benefit your skin in several ways - and the best facial toners depend entirely on your specific skin concerns. The top skin concerns that toners address include: removing excess oil to prevent shine, removing trace impurities to prevent clogged pores and blackheads, and quite simply for refreshing your complexion, smoothing the skin and reducing the appearance of pores, and for soothing after shaving.






What Is Toner For Dry And Sensitive Skin

Those with delicate, dry, or otherwise sensitive skin are hesitant to incorporate toner into their skincare routine as it can be fairly drying. However if you can find the right product, toners can work quite well with this skin type. We recommend a type of toner known as bracers or skin fresheners.

These kinds of toner are the mildest, and usually contain some sort of moisturising ingredient. These will work well with sensitive skin because they have little to no alcohol, which means no irritation or tightness. They are great for dry skin because it needs all the moisture it can get, and the moisturising nature of a skin freshener will help to lock in some extra moisture.


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What Is Toner For Normal And Combination Skin

For normal skin, toner can be beneficial for improving your skin tone and texture. This is not an absolutely crucial step, but if you want to take your skincare routine a bit further and get your skin looking its best, consider adding in a toner. For combination skin, toner can be useful for balancing the oily areas of your face to help prevent breakouts in these areas.

If you're wondering what the best facial toner for combination skin and normal skin is, what you're looking for is something called a skin tonic. Skin tonics still contain moisturising ingredients so they're no too harsh, but they also contain a small percentage of alcohol so they will be useful in improving skin texture and controlling oil.


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What Is Toner For Oily And Troubled Skin

For oily and blemished skin, toner can be a godsend. This extra step in your skincare can control oil levels, dry out blemishes, and improve your overall skin tone and texture. The best type of toner for this skin type is called an astringent. Astringents have higher percentages of alcohol and antiseptic ingredients than other kinds of toner. Because of this, they work well in diminishing blemishes and prevent future ones.

Given their harshness, you should only use this type of toner if you have very oily or otherwise troubled skin. A good homemade facial toner for oily skin is an apple cider vinegar facial toner. This is very simple to do - you just mix one part apple cider vinegar with one part water and apply to the face like normal.


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How To Apply Toner

The best way to use toner is to incorporate it into a three-step system: cleanse tone and moisturise. If you're wondering if men actually do moisturise, the answer is yes. Moisturising is good for the texture of the skin and can protect you from any signs of ageing.

To apply toner, begin by using a cleanser that is good for your skin type and specific skin needs. Once you feel you have cleansed your skin sufficiently, rinse and pat the skin dry. Soak a cotton pad in the toner of your choice and use the pad to spread the product evenly across your skin using gentle upwards strokes. You don't need to rinse off the toner, just simply let it absorb into the skin. Once the toner is absorbed, apply a liberal amount of moisturiser to top everything off.






What Is Toner And How To Use It

  • Toner is a type of lotion or liquid that can benefit a wide variety of skin types and concerns.
  • Skin bracers or refreshers are best for dry and sensitive skin types as they are the most mild and moisturising toners.
  • Skin tonics are great for normal to combination skin because they improve overall skin tone and texture, and can be used to pinpoint especially oily areas of the face.
  • Astringents are the best for oily and troubled skin because they have higher percentages of alcohol and antiseptic ingredients, so they can control current breakouts and prevent future ones.
  • The best way to use toner is after cleanser and before moisturiser as part of a three-step system.


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On That Note

Adding a toner to your skincare could be difference between good and great skin. Toner can also work wonders if your skin is oily or blemished. The trick is making sure that you have the right product for your skin type and skin needs. Once you have that covered, just add it into your routine after cleanser and before moisturiser. It isn't necessary by any means, but putting forth that extra effort will definitely pay off.


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