What is Telogen Effluvium/Diffuse Hair Loss and How to Treat It

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As one of the most prevalent issues among men, thinning hair or total hair loss is a traumatic situation, to say the least. We're all aware genetics, lifestyle and stress cause hair loss in men, but there are also more sinister contributors at play. If you're aware of Telogen Effluvium, you probably know just how hopeless hair loss regrowth can seem - let's take a look at your options.

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What is Telogen Effluvium?

In a nutshell, telogen effluvium is a process of rapid stress induced hair loss caused by a traumatic event or a series of consecutive months with severe anxiety. As your body induces fight or flight mode, hair enters the telogen or resting phase and, while the period in this stage can vary, you're typically looking at a three-month time span without any hair growth.

Typically speaking, after this finite period of time the hair shedding phase will end and begin to recover, growing as normal. Unfortunately, this isn't always the case; if the stress inducing event is still affecting the body, chronic telogen effluvium or diffuse hair loss can kick in resulting in continued hair loss around hairline and rest of the head.

While hair loss due to stress will grow back, it's important to deal with underlying issues and put your mental state back at rest to push things in the right direction.

Telogen Effluvium mens head
Telogen Effluvium Symptoms

Is there Telogen Effluvium Treatment?

So, is this hair loss reversible? While there's no real cure, per se, the best approach is rectifying the issues that caused hair loss in the first place. Visiting a counsellor or therapist to work through issues is the best thing you can do. In some cases, where there are no telogen effluvium recovery signs after a long period of time - telogen effluvium regrowth can be aided with a rogaineor propecia  treatment.


What is Diffuse Hair Loss?

Diffuse hair loss in males can best be described as a severe case of telogen effluvium, causing hair to fall out from the root for longer than the average time. Due to prolonged a periods of stress, trauma or other issues, the hair doesn't transcend back to the anagen effluvium (normal hair growth) phase as it would with a milder case of telogen effluvium.

Is there a Diffuse Hair Loss Treatment?

Diffuse balding, or chronic telogen effluvium, treatment is the exact same as that of regular telogen effluvium. Whether it's a marginally less severe diffuse pattern alopecia (where only certain sections of hair is thinning) or a more severe case of all over diffuse alopecia - you need to address the root of the cause.

While, as mentioned previously, working through the issues with a counsellor is the proper way to approach things; dietary changes, rogaine and, in severe cases, a FUE hair transplant are all worth considering.

diffuse hair loss men
DUPA Hair Loss

How to Treat Telogen Effluvium

  • Addressing the cause of telogen effluvium is best - speaking to a therapist should help you get over any major trauma.
  • As with pretty much everything, improving your diet can never do you wrong.
  • An efficient, albeit more extreme, method to consider is using the likes of procepia, regaine or a hair transplant.

On That Note

So there you have it, likely up there with one of the most traumatic hair conditions a man can suffer from, Telogen Effluvium is nothing to be joked about. While visiting a quality hair clinic to consider your options such as hair transplants and propecia is always worth looking at, the root of the problem is what really needs addressing.

Speak to a therapist and try not to worry excessively about the thinning hair - after all, it'll likely be a temporary issue.


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