3 Ways to Stimulate Your Hair Follicles

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Whether you're trying to stop a receding hairline in its tracks or simply grow a fuller head of hair, follicle stimulation is a proven method of accelerating growth and getting real results.

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What are Hair Follicles?

In short, a follicle is an organ that produces hair across the body. While similar in composition, the shape of hair follicle will differ in different parts of the body and will dictate the texture of the hair that grows from it - e.g. the difference between the hair on your head and the hair in your pubic area.

While hair follicles go through phases of growth and rest (which is perfectly normal); inactive hair follicles come about when the follicle in question ceases to enter the growth phase and the hair is no longer growing from the pore.

So if you're looking to grow your hair you need to stimulate the follicle to give it the best chance of growth.

mens hair follicle
Hair Follicle

3 Ways to Stimulate Hair Follicles

#1: Massage Your Scalp

The act of massaging your scalp, however ridiculous it may seem, is a proven method of getting hair follicles working their hardest. By giving your head a good rub, it'll open up blood vessels which, in turn, allows more nutrients to reach the follicle and promote hair growth.

On top of this, the massaging action will produce feel-good chemicals called endorphins reducing stress level and promoting hair growth further. A true win win situation.

How to massage your scalp?

Start by massaging around the hairline at your temple with the tips of your fingers. Gradually move backwards on the head, rubbing in circular motions, applying all fingers to the scalp by the time you've reached the top of your head. Continue this for up to thirty minutes - incorporating an oil for even better results.

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#2: Use Essential Oils

As mentioned previously, using essential oils is a great way to get follicles alive and kicking. Whether you opt to work them into your massage, really allowing them to penetrate the scalp, or simply applying them before hopping into bed. Adding these wonder products to your grooming regime is a surefire way of stimulating follicles.

Before working oils into your hair, it's worth warming them up a little as not only will it feel all the more comfortable, but it'll be easier for the hair to absorb the heated oil than it would at a cooler temperature. Some of your best options include; coconut oil, jojoba oil, avocado or castor oil which have all been proven to aid hair growth.

essential oils

#3: Consider Natural Remedies

On top of the oil options at your disposal, there are a number of other natural concoctions that'll give otherwise dormant hair follicles the best chance of coming to life. While some of the options for stimulating hair follicles are a little questionable (or quite simply gross) they will typically come with a plethora of people who can do nothing but sing their praises. Don't knock it till you've tried it, right?

We've included a few of the more popular options below, it's worth noting, however, although some of these claim to have proven science behind them - you can never be sure without speaking to a professional.

  • Onion Juice: Simply grate, then juice a few white onions and apply to the scalp for 30 minutes or more. Be sure to wash out with a shampoo/conditioner after... for obvious reasons.
  • Coconut Oil/Avocado: Start by applying coconut oil through the roots of your hair, once finished apply some mashed avocado onto the tips and leave for an hour before washing out.
  • Mayonnaise: Post-washing, massage mayonnaise through the hair and leave for 20 minutes before washing out... thoroughly.
  • Lemon Juice: Mix one part lemon juice with two parts coconut oil and apply through the hair. Leave for over 30 minutes then wash out.

lemon juice

How to Stimulate Hair Follicles

  • Massage your scalp to increase blood flow to the follicles and release stress-relieving endorphins.
  • Use essential oils that have known hair growing properties. e.g. avocado oil, coconut oil, etc.
  • Consider other natural remedies such as onion or lemon juice which have also been proven to stimulate hair follicles.

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Electronic Hair Stimulator

On That Note

There you have it! While there's a number of more effective, proven treatments for stimulating dead hair follicles, some of the mentioned will hopefully push things in the right direction. As let's face it, a quick head massage before a shower isn't too much of a task now, is it?


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