4 Top Men's Hairstyles for AW14

4 Top Men's Hairstyles for AW14

We get the top four hairstyles from award-winning barbers Ruffians, and see how to achieve these classic looks

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Founded in Edinburgh’s West End in 2012, Ruffians Barbers is an award-winning barbershop and store, giving the best quality haircuts and cut-throat shaves. In December 2013 we opened our flagship store in London’s Covent Garden, which won Best Customer Experience in the UK within the first 8 months.

We pride ourselves on our customer service; from our personable approach, with your dedicated barber taking you through your whole service; to our integrated vacuum system ensuring no hairs stray down the neck; to our bespoke whisky and coffee bar offering a rolling calendar of seasonal tipples.

We also host pop-up shops, limited collaborations, events and photo shoots regularly, and we encourage all Ruffians to get involved.

For our first Idle Man feature we’ll be taking you through 5 popular men’s haircuts and how to go about achieving them.

Stay tuned for more features coming soon.

1. Classic Short Back and Sides, Styled 3 Ways

Modelled by Nick - AMCK Models
Styled by Tommy - Ruffians Artistic Team

Trend: this season is seeing more natural looks come into play, as the skin-fades of the summer are growing out. Clipper work is significantly reduced, and most haircuts will feature scissor-over-comb techniques, particularly noticeable around the back and sides.

Textured fringe - no product for a natural look, enhancing the textured scissoring techniques used on the top section. Styled as a fringe to go with the natural direction of the hair.

Nick AMCK Models Ruffians Textured Fringe Cut

Slick back - use a water based wet look pomade and sweep back with a comb for a smarter, tighter look (Ruffians Classic Pomade is perfect for this)

 Nick AMCK Models Ruffians Slick Back

Messy look - perfect for windy days - you don't have to worry about keeping this style intact. Add a Styling Paste for extra hold and volume.

 Nick AMCK Models natural cut

2. Updated Buzzcut

Modelled by Jefferson - Schoolboy Couture
Styled by Skye - Ruffians Artistic Team

Trend: there has been a military revival both in clothes and in hair. This could be down to cinematic influence, with stars like Brad Pitt from The Fury sporting a variation on a '40s military regulation haircut, and Jake Gyllenhaal in Jarhead exhibiting a buzzcut.

Style: grade 0 on the back and sides, with a fade, gradually merging into a number 1 on the top section. Use Ruffians Rough Matt Clay to keep moisturised, and make sure you nourish the skin on the back and sides with a moisturiser.

Schoolboy Couture Ruffians Buzzcut

3. The Prince Charming

Modelled by Ryan - AMCK Models
Styled by Fernando from Ruffians Artistic Team

Trend: for those with thick, straight hair, the trend of slicking back the top section is being replaced by a more natural look which falls with the natural weight of the hair

Style: rough dry/towel dry the hair and add sea-salt spray for volume and to enhance the natural wave of the hair.

Ryan AMCK Models floppy cut

4. Skin Fade with Slicked Back Top Section, Contrasted with Full Beard

Modelled  by James - AMCK Models
Styled by Jason - Ruffians Artistic Team

Trend: made famous during the Summer of 2014 by the likes of Chris John Millington and Ricki Hall, this skin fade contrasting with a full beard is still popular, though the styling on top has changed slightly, continuing in the theme of having lower maintenance haircuts.

Style: a natural wet look, embracing the hair's natural wave is favoured here, rather than the stiff and set quiff that was huge in the summer. There is a low 0 fade on the back and sides maintaining the weight in the corner of the hair to provide a contrast between that and the top section.

James AMCK Models Fade into beard cut


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