A Man's Guide to Pre-Date Grooming

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Whether it's your first, or fifty-first date, putting in the effort for date night is a surefire way to show that you care. Wondering what exactly you should be paying attention to? Check out our complete guide to gent's pre-date grooming.

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Pre-Date Prep: Men's Grooming Guide

When it comes to pre-date grooming it's all about finding that delicate balance between over and underdone. Nobody's going for a shabby look, but you don't want to come across as over-primed either - we're aiming for somewhere in the middle. While most of this comes as second nature, let's take a closer look as to how you should be approaching your pre-date preparations in our male grooming guide.


Perpetuating our aim for 'nonchalant smart dressing', your hair is one of the defining points of the entire getup. While you don't want to look like you've spent hours in front of the mirror altering every strand of hair on your head - it's important to not go too far the other way either.

We'd advise washing your hair the day before to give it a better chance of settling, then before heading out you can restyle and apply a little product for some hold. This being said, if you're looking a little rough around the edges pop into the barbers for a quick tidy up, no need to do anything substantial, just a once over, trust us - it'll make all the difference.




When it comes to the face, it's difficult to give a generalised response as one man's skin can greatly differ from the next's. Typically, however, your skin will be either notably oily or dry so it's best to focus on these traits.

Oily guys should consider something like a clay 'leave-on' treatment to subdue excessive oil production, whereas those with dryer skin can go for something a little more hydrating such as a sheet mask. If you're blessed with flawless, problem-free skin - keep it simple with an overnight serum to give you that little extra kick.

On a side note, if you're dealing with dark, baggy or tired eyes it's worth giving yourself a quick once-over with an eye roller - exhaustion is never a good look.



Facial Hair

Regardless of whether your sporting a full on Gandalf inspired facial hair growth or just a little sprinkling of stubble, a quick trim is essential before meeting any potential suitor. With a larger beard, it's best to pop into the barbers for an all-over tidy up, with shorter styles, however, a run over with a trimmer should suffice.

In a nutshell, you don't want any loose ends or rogue hairs growing uncontrollably, keep them tamed. The same goes for any nose and ear hair; invest in a grooming device that'll keep any 'surplus' hair in check. Not just for pre-date grooming, one of these bad boys is a worthy investment regardless.


Be sure to give your facial hair a tidy up before a date.



Lips and teeth are among the first things any potential partner will notice, so an unfortunate coldsore or some lunch stuck in your teeth really isn't going to cut it. While we probably don't need to be giving you a schooling on the importance of oral hygiene - when dating, it really should stand as a priority. Floss, brush, use some mouthwash and don't forget to pack some gum for after dinner.




It's not really so much about the hands as it is your nails. Believe me, there's nothing more off-putting than a guy with dirty nails so keeping em' clean should take priority in your grooming regime. While we would love to suggest you pop down to the local manicurist - it's probably safe to say the majority of you won't take us up on such invitations.

At the very least, keep them short and clean. If you feel like putting in a little extra effort, give your nails a once over with a file for added shape after trimming - it'll make all the difference.


hands clean date tips
Keep your nails clean and trimmed - no man or woman can forgive filthy hand hygiene



When it comes to prepping your body, it's all about smelling fresh and interesting. Besides taking a shower and giving yourself a scrub down with some shower gel, it's important to choose your fragrance wisely. People and the scents associated with them are intrinsically linked, creating strong bonds and long lasting memories.

Want your date to remember you every time they smell your signature scent? Go for something that represents you as a person and apply it to the chest, wrists and neck - be sure not to overdo it though. If your idea of a fragrance is a quick spritz of Lynx all over the body, however, it's best to go without... seriously.



Man's Pre-Date Grooming Tips

  • Hair: Wash the day before and style as usual.
  • Face: Try using a mask the night before that'll reduce oil/add moisture where needed.
  • Facial Hair: A trim is necessary - regardless of length.
  • Mouth: Keep things clean and hygienic, don't forget the gum.
  • Hands: Your nails need to be trimmed, nobody wants to be staring down a set of man talons.
  • Body: Choose your fragrance wisely, but don't overdo it.

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On That Note

There you have it. In a lot of respects, you can compare much of a pre-date grooming regime to how you should be maintaining yourself regardless. That being said, not all men will have the time, or the desire, to put so much attention into their day to day upkeep. In the case of a date, however, it's always worth the extra few minutes.


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