Perilla Oil: What is it & What are The Benefits

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Finding a new and unusual ingredient that has a huge amount of benefits for your skin is exciting. So adding perilla seed oil into your skin care routine can help boost your skins appearance by hydrating, plumping and reducing the presence of blemishes.

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Perilla seed oil is built up of many pro's when used both internally and externally. Perilla seed oil has been used as a healthy cooking oil for many years, being able to add flavour to almost anything from salad dressings to fish or soup dishes. However after recent research there are some exciting potential benefits for healthy skin. This is an especially good oil for those of you with sensitive or problematic skin as it has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties meaning it can help reduce blemishes, redness and and uneven areas.


perilla seed oil seeds
Perilla seed oil works wonders for the skin
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What Is Perilla Oil?

Perilla oil is a leafy herb from Eastern Asia that's part of the mint family. This vegetable oil is extracted from the perilla frutescens seed and is used as a condiment, spice or cooking oil for many Korean based cuisines. As the plant is mainly grown in Asian countries, it's no surprise that it likes a lot of sun and moist, well-drained soil. The leaves are a purple red colour and the plant can grow up to four feet tall. Both the leaves and the seeds of the plant have naturally good for you aspects including essential fatty acids, proteins and antioxidants.

Perilla Oil Benefits

There are many different benefits of perilla seed oil with many of them based around antibacterial and hydrating elements. Here are some of the main benefits that the seed and leaves can offer.

  • The anti-bacterial and ant-inflammatory property of the oil is probably to most useful, especially for blemished or acne prone skin. These properties are useful for sensitive skin as it's a natural oil so will be gentle yet effective.
  • The extracted oil contains fatty acids that are again very helpful when it comes to sensitive skin. These essential acids have one of the highest proportions of omega 3. With these fatty acids contributing to protect against environmental stressors it can help keep your skin plum, repairing and using antioxidants to look after mature and ageing skin.
  • Like many natural oils  it can remove any dirt and impurities therefore cleansing the skin. This is good for acne prone skin as it helps reduce breakouts by controlling oil levels and keeping the skin clean and healthy.
  • Perilla seed oil can help improve collagen production. This is a part of the connective tissue that helps increase the skins firmness and the constant renewal of skin cells which will keep it looking elasticated and young.

Perilla Oil For skin

This perilla oil brings anti-ageing, blemish control and anti-bacterial properties that help can aid the prevention of acne, wrinkles and oily or dry skin. The perilla oil is a 'dry oil' meaning that it's absorbed by the skin but will not leave a greasy, over oily coating. This is good for both dry and oily skin as it will help to balance out the oil levels while also retaining moisture and staying hydrated. With a compound within the oil that acts as a natural precursor for ceramides the skins barrier to protect against water and moisture loss is maintained, this is why the perilla seed oil will help with dry skin and acne.


The Perilla seed oil is definitely worth trying


On That Note

Perilla seed oil has many benefits that protect your skin from any environmental stressors, keeping the skin firm and blemish free. The natural anti-inflammatory properties allow reduction in redness and any inflamed areas where you may have acne, especially for sensitive skin when shop bought products may be too harsh.


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