Ne-Yo's Receding Hairline

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Ever seen Ne-Yo without a hat? Ever wondered why you haven't? Well, the short answer is that the singer, songwriter suffers from the oh so common problem of male pattern baldness. We'll look at how Ne-Yo's balding began as well as his gradual acceptance of it. 

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His real name's Shaffer Chimere Smith, but, unless you're his mother, you're more likely to know him as Ne-Yo. Despite being well known for his music and acting career, we're going to skip all that and focus on something far more important - his hairline. What could be more important than that? Ne-Yo knew from an early age that he wouldn't have to deal with thick, luscious curls.

Every man in his family lost their hair early on in their life, and, staying true to genetics, Ne-Yo's hairline started to recede when he was just 13. Although this is pretty young even for male pattern baldness, it's not uncommon for guys to be affected by the condition between the ages of 18 and 35. If you're in your 20s and you're already suffering from a receding hairline, you're not alone.

Ne-Yo beanie hairline

Like many men who suffer from male pattern baldness, Ne-Yo felt self-conscious about his receding hairline and did the cheap and practical thing to hide it - wore hats. Ne-Yo's head became the place to display everything from beanies to fedoras, and soon the piece that had been used to hide his biggest insecurity was part of his image. He's now pretty at ease with his lack of hair and even cheerfully pipes back to insults, using his hairline like a trusty sidekick.

'Me n’ my hairline just raised 100k for japan, what did you do today?'.

'Why would I focus on my fleeting hairline when my credit line is SO prominent? LOL!!'

Humour can solve a lot of issues, even insecurities over going bald and twitter trolls. When he's not donning the fedora, though, he can pull off the bald look pretty well. The key is to keep the rest of you well groomed and sharp. As you can see, Ne-Yo hasn't overplucked his eyebrows or trimmed his beard too much, but they've both got a good shape to them which helps to balance out his features. Even in Ne-Yo's mugshot where he, err, doesn't look that happy, he's still making the bald look work.

On That Note

So it's unlikely we'll ever see Ne-Yo with hair, but in the grand scheme of things does this really matter? With three Grammy's under his belt and a net worth of $16 million, it's clear his receding hairline hasn't really held him back. If you're suffering from any kind of hair loss problems, from MPB to alopecia, there's no reason not to simply embrace the bald look and make it work for you.


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