Natural Hair Dye For Men: What Is It And How To Use It

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Everyone loves a new look, a little bit of freshness, a new you. Changing your hair is probably the best and quickest way to support and try out something new as you know at least it'll grow back. And what makes it even better is that there are many ways to do this without all the added chemicals.

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Opening a new pack of hair dye is all good and exciting, until you breath in the fumes and realise how many chemicals are involved in the hair dying process and how this could potentially harm your hair or scalp. So instead of hesitantly buying a box or heading to the hair dressers to cover your greys, there is a DIY route you can take. If your struggling to find the best hair dye for men maybe natural homemade hair dye is the one for you. The natural remedies are best when worked alongside your natural hair tones, so if you want a dramatic change then a trip to the hairdressers is on the cards.

Homemade Hair Dye

Of course a natural remedy may not last as long as the chemical dyes but your hair will see the benefits and you will come out with a very natural colour. Experimentation is key, change the quantities and adjust the concentrations of the recipes to find out which colour and method suits you. There are so many natural remedies out their including tea, coffee, walnuts, carrots and a lot more weird but wonderful herbs, however below are the best and most simple efficient ways to enhance your colour and cover any greys you might have found.


hair-dying-cover-greys-heathy hair




Natural Hair Dye For Grey Hair

Grey hair seems to come in and out of fashion, however if you're not feeling the grey hair statement then natural remedies may be a good option for you. Your hair colour won't change too dramatically and you can apply the remedies fairly often without ruining or breaking your hair. As we said, experimentation is key and finding what the best coverage for you is may take time but the ability to repeat the processes with no harm won't be a problem. The remedy used will depend on your hair colour and tone so read on to find out what your should be trying next.

Natural Blonde Hair Dye

If you want to keep your ashy blonde locks in tact or you fancy lightening the blonde tones for the summer, there are a few natural methods you can try out.

  • Teas are a natural dye remedy that can be used for many tones and shades of hair. For blondes the answer is chamomile. With your chamomile make a fairly concentrated tea with 4 or 5 tea bags per two cups of water, wait for the tea to cool down and either use alone or mix with a cup of leave-in conditioner. Leave in for an hour, or more if you want more colour then rinse off with warm water. Sitting with your hair in the sun will also enhance the blondness if you are really looking to lighten up your style.
  • Lemon juice is an easy way to make your blonde more blonde. The method of lemon hair lightening is easy and hassle free. To do this spray and brush through the lemon juice into your hair and leave for several hours. Sitting in the sun will enhance the blonde highlights and as lemon juice works slowly so you will start to notice results after a few uses.


ryan gosling blonde hair ash dye




Natural Dark Hair Dye

I can't promise that these natural remedies will dye your hair super dark but if you're looking to cover any greys or keep the browns and black tones incorporated into your look then some of these methods will help.

  • Black tea can help you go darker in the same way chamomile tea can help blondes go blonder so this is the perfect natural black hair dye. To do this prepare a strong tea using 4 to 5 tea bags to a ratio of two cups of water. Once this has cooled down use alone or mixed with one or two cups of leave-in conditioner and keep on your hair for one to two hours. This will ensure grey coverage and the longer left on the more it will have effect. Rinse with warm water and repeat often when necessary.
  • As well as tea, coffee hair dye is a natural brown hair dye. To try this out and cover any grey hairs, all you need to do is brew a very strong coffee, for example an espresso and mix with one or two cups of leave-in conditioner once it's cooled down. Mix two tablespoons of ground coffee to the mixture and apply to clean hair for one or two hours then rinse. You can repeat the process a few times or make it part of your hair wash routine once a week for more noticeable results.


david beckham brown hair dark




Natural Red Hair Dye

If you are embracing the ginger vibe (like myself) or 'strawberry blonde' as I prefer to sometimes insist on there are some natural hair dyes for you as well.

  • To make sure us redheads don't feel left out, there is also a tea remedy for us as well. Rooibos herbal tea can enhance the natural redness of your hair, or if you have a light hair colour like blonde you could potentially become a strawberry blonde. The method is the same as both the chamomile and black tea remedies with the final strength of red depending on how long you leave the mixture on for.
  • Another, and slightly messier, way to get your desired red/orange colour is with henna. This is a good method to use if you are brown haired and looking for an auburn change. Henna is a natural effective colour pigment in powder form that can colour hair, nails and skin. To make your natural henna hair dye mix the powdered henna with some lemon juice (to stop the henna coming out too orange) along with a tablespoon of vinegar to further release the colour. Leave this mixture to sit for 4 to 5 hours until it is thick enough to apply and comb through your hair. Wrap the hair in a plastic wrap and leave it for a couple of hours before rinsing out.


eddie redmayne red hair


Natural Hair Dye For Men

  • Whether you want a change or you're starting to see some grey areas, finding the best hair dye for you is easy.
  • Chamomile or lemon are both good home remedies that work well for blonde hair, they'll keep your hair looking light and help cover any greys.
  • For a natural dark hair dye, black tea or coffee can be brewed and used to darken any hairs that may appear lighter than the others.
  • If you want a ginger tinge, rooibos herbal tea or some henna product will work well and give your hair a slightly redish orange colour.




On That Note

A final tip when using any of these natural hair dye remedies it to rinse out the mixture with apple cider vinegar as this will help the colour to last longer. An alternative is to mix water with the apple cider vinegar in a spray bottle and spray onto the hair after you've dyed it. Natural hair dyes may take longer if you want big, noticeable results but it is worth trying out these simple methods to cover greys or enhance your natural colour without having to spend a fortune in the hairdressers.


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