Is a Mature Hairline a Sign of Male Pattern Baldness

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Hair loss, particularly around your hairline, is a natural process which many can confuse with male pattern baldness. It's an easy mistake to make, but one you don't need to worry about. Here you'll find out the difference between a mature hairline and balding hairline. 

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Mature Hairline

The main fact you need to know about male hairlines, is that frontal hairlines change shape between 17 and 27, even if you're not suffering from male pattern baldness. This natural change is called 'maturation', and the man who is experiencing this change, has a 'maturing' hairline. Once the change is complete, the man has a 'mature' hairline. So a mature hairline is actually a healthy, normal hairline.

So if you were wondering: 'what is a hairline', hopefully this has answered your question. Now to get onto the differences between a mature and receding hairline.

Mature Hairline vs Receding

mens mature and balding hairline infographic

Balding Hairlines

You can tell the different between the two types of hair loss. By wrinkling your forehead, you can see where the 'juvenile' hairline once started, which is the highest forehead wrinkle. This helps with FUE hair transplants in recreating a natural look.

A mature hairline will recede by about 1-1.5cm above this. However, a balding hairline will recede beyond 1.5cm, and even more on the temples.

V - Shaped Hairline

This is where the lines cross over and get a bit confusing. A V-shaped hairline is actually your natural hair shape, although some men have widows peak (an uncommon inherited hairline, which is less hair or even no hair on the temples). This doesn't necessarily mean you have male pattern baldness.

Men with male pattern baldness will lose their hair creating a widow's peak creating more of a v-shaped hairline. This will recede further until you have no hairline.

norwood scale for men

Is a Mature Hairline a Sign of Male Pattern Baldness

The answer is no. A mature hairline is a natural stage which happens between 17-28 year old males, even if you aren't suffering from male pattern baldness. The hairline recedes from the 'juvenile' (first/original) hairline by 1-1.5cms. Male pattern baldness will recede beyond 1.5cms.

Jack Wilshere’s mature hairline
Jack Wilshere’s Mature Hairline

On That Note

Deciphering between a mature hairline and male pattern baldness is a tricky one and is a much debated issue. Just remember, a maturing hairline is a natural healthy, normal process. If you are confused, just pop down to your GP who can give you all the information you need.


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