Marula Oil: What Is It & What are The Benefits?


People in South Africa prize marula oil for its many skincare benefits. Read more about the nutrients this oil contains and how they can improve a wide variety of skin types and concerns.

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What Is Marula Oil?

Marula oil comes from the exotic marula fruit. The fruit grows on the marula tree, which is a close relative to the mango family. The marula tree grows natively in Southern Africa as well as in Madagascar. Low levels of rainfall and copious bright sunshine are the perfect conditions for marula trees to grow and flourish. The marula tree has been a source of nutrition to Africans for ages - and the tree remains a highly valuable resource to this day.

Marula Oil Benefits

Marula leaves and bark both have wonderful properties but the skincare properties from natural marula oil are perhaps the best of them all. People from South Africa still use the oil today for its medicinal benefits, and they have for ages. The oil is used to protect their skin and hair from harsh and dry weather conditions.


Marula Tree
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Marula Oil For Skin

Marula oil is all-natural and obtained by cold-pressing the marula fruit. Since it is cold-pressed, the oil remains highly nutritious and has a light texture. Overall, it is naturally soothing, fast-absorbing and could benefit all skin types - even blemished and sensitive skin.

Marula oil contains a whole host of powerful vitamins and antioxidants including Vitamin C, several forms of vitamin E, phenolic compounds (which help with cancer prevention), essential amino acids, and things called flavonoids that protect and help regrow skin cells.

When used regularly, marula oil provides comprehensive protection to the skin from environmental factors that cause ageing. It neutralises free radicals, builds up collagen, and its antioxidants protect the skin. Marula oil is also rich in fatty acids omega 9 and omega 6 that deeply nourish, heal, and moisturise to improve skin elasticity. It also helps the skin maintain moisture over time and keep it smooth. Since it is absorbed into the skin easily, it helps with building up the skin’s lipid layers to keep your skin looking plump and youthful.


Marula Oil




Marula Oil For Acne

Marula oil's high concentration of nutrients makes it good for any skin type, including those who have acne. The oil can help improve the appearance of acne breakouts because it is anti-inflammatory. This means it can tone down the redness of active blemishes and leftover redness or blotchiness after breakouts fade.

Marula oil is fast-absorbing, light, and its texture is not greasy - this means marula oil will not clog your pores. The oil also has anti-microbial properties that can help heal and reduce acne blemishes and scarring.

Marula Oil: What Is It & What Are The Benefits?

  • Marula oil is an oil retrieved through the cold press of the fruit which grows on the marula tree in African countries.
  • Test of time. People have been using marula oil for years to benefit their skin and health, giving it the real test of time.
  • Good for all skin types. Marula oil is rich in many diverse nutrients that benefit any skin type, though it is prized for its protecting and anti-ageing abilities.
  • Many benefits. It can also benefit blemished skin because of its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties.


Marula Oil


On That Note

Marula oil is highly nutritious for the skin and it can work wonders in protecting it from environmental stress factors that cause ageing. The oil could even help out oily and blemished skin due to the properties that it has. If you have these skin concerns or if you just want a bit more nourishment for your skin, give marula oil a go. It is guaranteed to leave your skin feeling smoother, cleaner and a lot more refreshed. Don't forget to do a patch test before you lather it all over your face!


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