Manscaping - What You Need To Know

Manscaping - What You Need To Know

Once reserved for the much maligned 'metrosexual', manscaping is fast becoming common ground for the average man. To help you avoid the pitfalls of what to tend to and what to leave alone, The Idle Man have put together a guide on the must-know manscaping treatments.

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What Does Manscaping Mean?

Manscaping is an umbrella term that describes the grooming of men's hair. And when we say hair we mean all of your hair - not just the stuff keeping your head warm. While it requires a bit more effort and perhaps some extra time in your grooming routine, trimming body hair regularly is totally worth it. Not only will it make you feel more comfortable and maybe more confident, I can guarantee your partner will thank you as well. Read on for our top men's grooming tips for manscaping.

Manscaping Guide


There's no ifs, ands, or buts about it - If you've got hairs sprouting from your nostrils you've got to take care of them. It's pretty difficult to imagine a solitary soul on the planet who would give nose hair the nod of approval. For how to remove nose hair, the most straightforward method of the lot is simply picking up a set of nose grooming trimmers. Cost effective and incredibly easy to use, you'll simply need to give yourself a once over every couple of weeks or so. Cheap, easy and effective - what more could you ask for?


While you'd struggle to come across a woman who doesn't prime or pluck her brows in some shape or form, unfortunately, the same can't be said for men's eyebrows. There are not enough words in the English language to convey how much of a difference shaping your brows can make. We're not saying you've got to start sporting Kardashian-esque brows - just a simple tidy up. For how to shape men's eyebrows, you can take the DIY approach and comb your brows upwards, snipping away any longer hairs with a pair of brow scissors before giving them a run around with a set of tweezers. Otherwise, pop into a professional who will have them done in less than 5 minutes, simple.


Ensure your eyebrows are neat
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Men's ear hair will typically set in somewhere north of 30. As with nose hair, there's really no middle ground here - it's got to go. As always, you can take the DIY approach and remove them unsightly strands yourself relatively easily. It boils down to two methods that are both incredibly straightforward - either use a pair of grooming scissors to chop away the loose ends or utilise the handy design of a men's grooming tool. Alternatively, you can remove the stress and have your ear hairs taken care of professionally in a beauty salon or barbers.


Unlike the aforementioned men's body hair growth, the armpits are up there alongside the most acceptable of the lot. Now, we're not saying you should let it grow wildly, untamed for decades - but it's not going to demand too much attention. It really differs from guy to guy, but for the most part - once every couple of months should keep the length at an acceptable level in most cases. A simple run over with a set of trimmers will do the trick, as previously mentioned, this doesn't need to be too frequent -  just don't let things get any longer than a couple of inches and you're good.


Some people like to shave their armpits
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Arms & Legs

While not a problem for every gent, arm and leg hair fall into the same hair removal etiquette bracket as the armpits. You should try to stop them from getting too long, but there's no need to go pulling out the Gillette 5 blade for a squeaky clean finish either. A simple run over with a trimmer once every couple of months should keep things looking neat and tidy, however, if you find that it's growing back particularly fast - it's worth considering other options such a laser hair removal/reduction.


First off, there's a chance that you may be one of the lucky gents out there who don't even have to deal with back hair growth - if this is the case, you can skip merrily ahead to chest hair. If you're one of many who are dealing with a fuzzy back, however, it needs to be taken care of. Once again, this one's up for debate, but generally speaking - back hair doesn't carry the strongest approval rating among possible partners. While we could elaborate on how to trim body hair, when we're talking about the back it's really best left to the pros.


A hairy back is not something you want
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Likely one of the most debatable of the lot, when it comes to trimming chest hair it's really down to personal preference. Body hair, in general, is really a matter of what makes you (and possibly your partner) feel good, but this stands even truer when speaking of hair on your chest. If you're not sure what direction to take things in, we'd recommend you simply trim your chest hair and keep the overall length shorter than one inch. While you could also opt for waxing to give a smoother finish, it's a little more... erm... invasive than running a set of trimmers over your chest so approach with caution.


It's up to you whether you shave your chest or not
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Pubic Area/Backside

How you decide to tend to your nether regions is completely up to you. As always, you can take the professional approach and get this whole area waxed, but we'd imagine there are a few of you out there who would prefer to keep matters a little more... private. So, should men shave their pubes? If you're asking our opinion - yes. How to shave your pubic area for men? We wouldn't recommend you whipping out the razor and lob the whole lot off, but a trim is completely worth it. We'd recommend you trim with a body groomer or clippers, down to half an inch or so. If you're wondering how to shave your balls, its best to keep things slow and simple. Apply plenty of shaving cream/foam and gently approach matters with a safe, multi-blade razor. Looking at the derrière (backside), we'd suggest you take the professional route once again... unless you're some sort of contortionist.

Manscaping - What You Need To Know

  • In terms of nose manscaping, keep it trimmed. Nose hair is never a good look.
  • When grooming your brows keep them tidy and in a good shape for your face.
  • For ears, if you find yourself with pesky ear hairs it's best to have it removed.
  • Most men don't groom their armpits, but we recommend giving them a trim every so often.
  • Arms & Legs are totally down to personal preference, some like to shave it off and other don't mind some hair.
  • If you're dealing with a hairy back it's best to have it sorted professionally, if only for practical reasons.
  • Your chest is another one down to personal preference, but its best to keep things trimmed below an inch.
  • For the pubic area and backside it's best to keep pubic hair trimmed, we'll let you decide the rest.


Manscaping would be a part of your grooming regime


On That Note

There you have it! You're now fully clued up on how to approach the art of manscaping. As we've already mentioned, a lot of these come down to personal preference; while certain areas, such as your nose and ears, really shouldn't be left to their own devices - there's no shame in keeping a little chest or arm hair on show. Our take? Invest in a grooming device for the facial bits, get a good body trimmer for the chest, pubic hair, etc... and get the awkward bits done by a professional. The last thing you need is to go lobbing something essential off now, eh?


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