How to Look After Your Moustache

How to Look After Your Moustache

For many men in this day and age, the ability to grow and sustain a moustache is almost like a status symbol. Here, we have everything you need to know about keeping your moustache looking both suave and sophisticated. We can't, however, help you grow a moustache - you'll just have to be patient with that.

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Moustache Grooming

From the sometimes patchy growth to the often scratchy and coarse hair that you have to deal with, it can be a real issue to grow and maintain the perfect moustache. It's important to know how to maintain your moustache once you've gone to the trouble of growing one out. Despite many men thinking otherwise, the upkeep of your tash' is vital to stop it from looking untidy and downright dishevelled. Whether you're wondering how to trim a handlebar moustache or simply looking for a few tips on how to keep things looking their best, the same care needs to be applied to all styles.

How to Trim a Moustache

  1. Find a place to trim your moustache that has good lighting and have a bowl of water, a towel and your trimming equipment with you.
  2. Wash your moustache with a little shampoo and warm water. Comb your moustache using a small fine tooth comb to detangle any knots that could prevent you from getting a smooth cut.
  3. Trim your long moustache along the line closest to your lip with a small pair of moustache trimming scissors. Follow the line of your lip so you don't create any jagged, uneven edges. The hairs should just reach the top of your lip and not be overhanging.
  4. Thin out any bulk by running your scissors through the specified section.
  5. Now it is time to trim the top of your moustache (the line furthest away from your lip, but closest to your nose) and the sides of your moustache.
  6. Comb your moustache through again to check for an even length.


man shaving moustache mens grooming
A man shaving his beard




How to Shave a Moustache

Just like when shaving anywhere else on your body, there are different methods of shaving a moustache, and every guy has his own different preference. When it comes to shaving, you can use a traditional electric razor, a cartridge or safety razor, or a straight razor. The decision of what you use should be dependant on your shaving skills, confidence with style and how you want your moustache to look.

  • Electric Razors:  These are used to tackle short stubble rather than longer hairs. Rotary electric razors require small circular movements to get the best result, whereas a foil electric razor needs straight strokes to get a good finish.
  • Cartridge or Safety Razors: Like electric razors, cartridge or safety options are designed to cut short hair. You may need to trim it first with a small sharp pair of scissors. They are called safety razors for a reason, they have a bonded shaving system, that reduces the risk of cuts. This is ideal for shaving a moustache as the lip is a sensitive area and cutting it can hurt (a lot - yikes).
  • Straight Razors: Unlike the two razors mentioned above, straight razors can handily cut through facial hair regardless of its length, and are great for long moustaches. They take a lot more skill on behalf of the shaver, due to the fact that the razor moves in straight lines. This makes it is easier to cut yourself, so if you're clumsy it's best to avoid this one.

Moustache Care

Caring for a moustache is more than just cutting, trimming and shaving, and general skincare is just as important. You should always use a quality facial wash and cleanser when washing your face, twice a day. This will remove impurities, dirt and oil that will clog up your moustaches precious hair follicles. When it comes to shaving the rest of your face or tidying up any stray hairs, a good shaving gel will allow a bit more visibility than your average cream.


man with moustache beard mens grooming
A Man With Facial Hair




An aftershave balm is also a worthy product to use after your shaving session - it keeps both the skin and the moustache soft and moisturised. After this, a moisturiser should be applied to the face as part of your daily skincare regime. While we'd advise everyone to use a moisturiser twice daily, this applies even more so if you're a dry skin sufferer. Grooming lotions and oils can be used on the actual moustache itself to keep it silky, soft and smooth. Think about it lads, nobody wants to kiss someone with a scratchy moustache or beard now do they?

Moustache Growing Tips

If you're wondering how to grow a moustache fast, there are a few tips and tricks you can apply to get things moving faster than normal.

  • Keep a clean and dry face: Dirt, oils and too much moisture can clog hair follicles and stop them from growing as fast.
  • Massage your upper lip: Ok so this sounds weird, we know, but massaging your moustache will stimulate blood flow - encourage hairs to grow at a faster rate.
  • Avoid shaving at all costs: Yep, shaving too much won't help your tash' to grow faster, despite popular myths that lots of shaving will make hair grow back faster and quicker - this is a lie.
  • Sit back and relax: That's right, a stress-free life actually means your moustache will grow faster. This is because your immune system will be higher, and a weak immune system actually negatively impacts the ability to grow hair.
  • Sleep a lot: Sleeping means that all your body's functions, such as hair growth, will work properly, positively and faster. What a brilliant excuse to catch 40 winks, don't you think?


Full Facial Hair




Moustache Styles

There are many moustache shapes out and about, and we are here to give you the low-down on a few popular styles you could test out. Now, if you're wondering exactly how to style a moustache, don't worry, it's not difficult. In fact, moustache styling is easy, and we have a few handy hints and tips to help you out.

  1. Wash your moustache along with your hair and beard as you usually would (assuming you have a beard and hair of course).
  2. Towel dry your moustache gently and then brush through lightly.
  3. Use a comb to shape your moustache how you want it to look. Combining this with the use of a hairdryer is extremely useful for styling as the heat will not only dry your hair but it will also help them to stay in the place you have combed them.
  4. Add some moustache wax at the end to give your tash a smooth shine and to help it stay in place!

Thin Moustache

A thin or small moustache, often known as a pencil moustache to professionals or to those in the industry, are incredibly popular at the moment. This is good news for those guys who struggle to grow facial hair, as a thin moustache requires far less thickness to style.

The main characteristics of a thin moustache style are that it is found just above the lip, but often with some space between the lip and the hair, unlike other regular shaped moustaches. The line of the hair is also unbroken and the same length and depth all over. It looks as if it has been drawn on with a thick pen or pencil.


beards and moustache for men
Men's Facial Hair




Thick Moustache

If you're the type of guy who's constantly battling with chest hair, overgrowing eyebrows, and is envied for your thick hair, then it's likely you won't have any trouble growing a thick moustache. Styling one, however, might still be an issue. Luckily, you have more options than your thin moustached partners and you can create a bigger range of styles to suit your personality.

If you want to go for a striking style you can opt for a lone, thick moustache with a clean-shaven face, ensuring your tash' has definition and avoids looking messy or unstructured. You can also create a less intense look by joining your moustache up with your beard, creating a unified mass of facial hair fuzz. It looks better than we're describing it.

How to Look After Your Moustache

  • If growing a thick moustache is tricky for you, then try opting for a thinner pencil moustache. This facial hair style may suit your face shape better, too.
  • Get used to trimming your moustache to keep your facial hair in the shape and style you want. Invest in a shaving tool that you feel confident using.
  • Use grooming products. Good skin equates to good facial hair. Moisturisers are there to keep your skin looking smooth and feeling soft.
  • Beard Oils. There are plenty of beard products that work just as well on your facial hair. Invest in these for the ultimate facial hair style.


long beard and moustache look for men
Luke Ditella Facial Hair
PHOTO CREDIT: Luke Ditella


On That Note

Do you see yourself as a man who likes to try out interesting, daring looks? If you answered yes, then there is no doubt about the fact that you need to at least try and attempt to sport a moustache no matter which style you wear. They are a stylish essential for the modern man. With some care, attention and a little bit of TLC, your facial hair can be a sleek and smooth asset that you will be proud to show off.


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